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Season 2 of Tekken 7 is Now Live on Steam, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

Hearing word that Season 2 of Tekken 7 is now available to download on most PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC platforms so check them now for the new update! Like in the overview trailer, Season 2 of Tekken 7 brings a whole slew of big gameplay changes to the roster with a rebalancing wave along with a new added Wall Bounce system mechanic. DLC Store listings for both Lei Wulong and Anna Williams in the Season Pass are now available to buy in the respective online storefronts so get to it if you want to play them out now. For more details on the update, check out the details:

Tekken 7 Version 2.0 ≫

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Harada on The Current Status of Crossplay for Tekken 7

"Don't ask me. ASK 1st party." Says Harada. He continued on in a string of tweets today addressing the main issue that is getting in the way of enabling console crossplay for Tekken 7 which are the 1st party policies in place that the developers have to adhere to when they develop games for their systems. Enabling crossplay between certain systems like PC <-> PS4 or PC <-> XB1 was also shot down because that would be splitting the player base on the PC which they can't do. He didn't say it but hypothetically speaking, the thought of PC players only being able to play with either PS4 or XB1 players does sort of bring the console that is not crossplay enabled down. So for now, people that are waiting on the status of crossplay for Tekken 7 to make their purchase, check out the related tweets on Harada's Twitter account and make your mind from there.

Harada_Tekken Twitter ≫

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Console / PC Versions of Tekken 7 is Getting An Online Tournament Mode

[Update] Hi-res images of the Online Tournament mode have now been added.

Also unveiled during the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Tekken stream is news that the Console / PC version of Tekken 7 will have an online tournament mode. This mode will allow players to set up and play each other online (Max of 8 players total per tournament) with a format used in actual offline tournaments. It supports single & double elimination brackets and includes player spectating and voice chat. In game prizes can also be allocated to the winners of the tournament with stuff like gold and items. Here are the images provided from the stream:

Tekken stream ≫

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility User Voting Open

As you may have now heard, Microsoft has recently announced that the Xbox One will be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. Although that's what was announced, I don't quite know the full background details on how well those games will work but for now we'll just go with what we know on it. Disc and downloaded games for X360 will be supported and support for each game seems to require publisher approval for them to allow the games to work on the Xbox One. So here's apparently where this new BC user voting page comes in. It was just opened and allows players to vote with which X360 game they're more excited for and probably hasten their games for BC. This extends to fighting games on the Xbox 360 such as Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. If you really want to see those games on the Xbox One, look for them on the page and vote for them: (voting requires Microsoft account)

XB1 BC 'Tekken' ≫