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5/1 Tekken Talk with MarkMan, Dalton Link & Maximilian

Join us today at 3PM Pacific time for the latest Tekken Talk livestream featuring Markman, Bandai Namco community rep Dalton Link and special guest Maximilian. They'll be going over and showcasing the latest news and info on the Tekken community as well exhibiting the Pre-Order DLC character Eliza so this will be everyone's deeper look at how the character plays and works. Don't miss out on the stream later today so follow the Tekken stream channel to get notified when the stream goes live:

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3/30 Tekken Talk with Markman, Dalton Link, Bronson & 725

Tekken Talk came back and with it, a new look at the latest build of console Tekken 7 on the PS4 Pro. For this episode, Markman is joined with the Bandai Namco community lead Dalton Link (who is probably the guy reading all your character requests on twitter), NorCal player Bronson Tran and 725 from Qanba. Most notably shown off in this Tekken 7 build was Kuma / Panda & Eddy Gordo as well as a batch of new stages in the game. The stage select screen showed multiple stages but only 4 were shown off and they were the Geometric Plane, Kinder Gyn, Infinite Azure & the Arena. The Tekken Talk episode was streamed live on Twitch but you can now watch the Twitch archive if you happened to miss it. Check out these nice combos bros.

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JDCR & Saint Set to Attend Collision 2017 at Lima, Peru on Feb 18-19

The COLLISION Championship Series are happy to announce that two Korean Tekken champions are making their way to the premier tournament series in the city of Lima, Peru. 2016's Evolution and Global Championship grand finalist Saint, is joined by fellow dominant Korean player JDCR as they set out to get revenge on the competition in the region when they make their way to the tournament this month. Alongside those news, Collision 2017 has expanded in a big way from last year's tournament as it has announced that they're including multiple other fighting games as well getting Tekken Project team members Katsuhiro Harada & Michael Murray to confirm their attendance at the event. Not only that, but it also has to be said that the Tekken Brand Manager Mark Religioso as well Tekken community figure MarkMan are making an appearance there. COLLISION 2017 takes places in the capital of Peru this month on weekend of the 18th & 19th and is certainly not going to be an event you want to miss out on so stay tuned for more news from the event as well as live stream info. For more details on the tournament including how to register, check out the tournament's web pages:

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Tekken 7 Returns to Evolution This Year on the Main Stage

Tekken 7 is back and on the list of games in the Evo 2017 roster MrWizard announced during the Evo reveal stream. Tekken 7 made appearances during Evo during the last 2 years across both the vanilla and FR updated arcade version but this year will mark the 1st Evo where the console version will be out beforehand. They're also happy to announce that while Tekken 7 is back at EVO, it will for this year be featured on main stage and get a Sunday finals alongside Street Fighter V and both Super Smash Bros games. This will perhaps be the place to highlight the best of what Tekken 7 has to offer to the world on the big stage and you can expect the competition to be fierce for everyone participating. Evo 2017 will not be an event to miss out this year so start making your plans to attend. Evo 2017 is taking place in Las Vegas on July 14th to the 16th later this year. For more details on the event, you can consult

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KOIFT 2016 Tokyo Round Qualifier Streamed Live on November 26 

The last open qualifier for the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 is on this Saturday in Japan and we have international guests Rip & Tasty Steve over there in person to perform commentary for the English stream. Bandai Namco's Tokyo offices will be the place where many of Japan's notable players will come together to try to get themselves a ticket to the Grand Finals and some of that big tournament prize money. Just like the Osaka Qualifier, there are 3 divisions for the event which consist of a Female group, a Students group and another group that's open to everyone. Top 2 players from the Female division & the Students division will earn the qualifying spot while Top 3 from the Anyone division will make their way to qualify. The Tokyo Round qualifier is set to start at 10:00 AM Japan time on November 26 so for viewers in USA, that's November 25 at 5:00 PM PST. You can tune into the event over on the TEKKEN Twitch channel:

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niconico Stream (Hameko / Harada) ≫

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