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3/30 Tekken Talk with Markman, Dalton Link, Bronson & 725

Tekken Talk came back and with it, a new look at the latest build of console Tekken 7 on the PS4 Pro. For this episode, Markman is joined with the Bandai Namco community lead Dalton Link (who is probably the guy reading all your character requests on twitter), NorCal player Bronson Tran and 725 from Qanba. Most notably shown off in this Tekken 7 build was Kuma / Panda & Eddy Gordo as well as a batch of new stages in the game. The stage select screen showed multiple stages but only 4 were shown off and they were the Geometric Plane, Kinder Gyn, Infinite Azure & the Arena. The Tekken Talk episode was streamed live on Twitch but you can now watch the Twitch archive if you happened to miss it. Check out these nice combos bros.

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Northwest Majors VII - Seattle Tekken Trailer

On April 24 - 26, Northwest Majors will return with it's seventh installment of the fighting game tournaments being held in Seattle. Last year's NWM tournament had some impressive Tekken competition with the likes of Bronson, Jimmy/Mr Naps, JustFrameJames and Inkognito entering but this year's tournament is set to out do it by having even more notable names entered. Seattle Tekken just uploaded the YouTube trailer and among the names of the player's returning from last year like Bronson, Mr Naps & Inkognito there's now also Anakin, Lil Majin, Kodee, Princess Ling and more entering. Just from those names alone guarantee that this tournament will not be one to miss out on. If you need more details on the tournament as well as registration information, they can be found on the Northwest Majors website.

Northwest Majors 7 ≫

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NorthWest Majors 6 | US Fighting Game Tournament in Seattle, WA on May 3 - 4

NWM 6 is Seattle’s next big fighting game tournament and has somehow managed to get Jimmy and Bronson to travel for it. They’re not the only out of state competitors coming though, Just Frame James and Inkognito are also coming to the event as detailed and introduced on the tournament’s website. More details and registration on the event can be found on the website and I’m assuming that the tournament is going to be streamed on TeamKhaos’ Twitch channel.


TTT2 - 9/7 Jimmy VS Bronson Norcal Casuals

Oh hey, some Tekken content from Norcal. If you're an Ancient Ogre or Alex fan you're in for a treat, a treat that spans over an hour and forty minutes from the NorcalSS YouTube Channel. You can watch all the footage below.

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