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Tekken 7 Sets ft. Killa6, Mr. NAPS, Kkokkoma, Anakin & More from the Atlanta Tekken House

Lots of high level Tekken action has come out of ATL with players like Kkokkoma, Jimmy J, Lil Majin, Fab, Inkog and more making their way over to play sets. These matches were streamed live over on Anakin's Twitch channel a bit back but are now available to rewatch on YouTube for anyone that missed out. You wouldn't want to miss any of the Killa6 matches in the least cause all the shit talk during the matches are pretty hilarious. If you haven't already, you can check out Anakin's YouTube page to see all his other Tekken content he has up on there.

Tk_Anakin Twitch ≫

Anakin's YouTube ≫

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The Fall Classic 2017 - Tekken 7 Tournament YouTube Archives

The Fall Classic was the latest stop in the Tekken World Tour as a Master tier event so a lot of points were on the line this past weekend. Earning 1st place in this tournament awards a grand 150 points contributing to the regional leaderboards which pretty much makes the winner an almost guaranteed shoe-in for the TWT Grand Finals. Among the players entered into Tekken 7 were Mr Naps, Speedkicks, PokChop, Joey Fury, Spero Gin and a whole lot more. The official YouTube archives for The Fall Classic are up on YouTube so here are the VODs if you wanted to re-watch all the action.

Bandai Namco Fight Channel ≫

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Final Round 18 TTT2 Pools Posted + Stream Info

@Icege has posted the preliminary Final Round 18 Pools for TTT2. Everything is divided between 16 pools with a player cap at 256. There are currently 146 pre-registered with a bunch of killers spread throughout. The doc is posted here. The stream should be provided by Team Spooky providing Top 32 or Top 16 between 6 - 8 PM on Saturday followed by Top 8 from 4 PM to 7 PM. (All EST)

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Northwest Majors VII - Seattle Tekken Trailer

On April 24 - 26, Northwest Majors will return with it's seventh installment of the fighting game tournaments being held in Seattle. Last year's NWM tournament had some impressive Tekken competition with the likes of Bronson, Jimmy/Mr Naps, JustFrameJames and Inkognito entering but this year's tournament is set to out do it by having even more notable names entered. Seattle Tekken just uploaded the YouTube trailer and among the names of the player's returning from last year like Bronson, Mr Naps & Inkognito there's now also Anakin, Lil Majin, Kodee, Princess Ling and more entering. Just from those names alone guarantee that this tournament will not be one to miss out on. If you need more details on the tournament as well as registration information, they can be found on the Northwest Majors website.

Northwest Majors 7 ≫

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Namco Sugamo 12/3 Ranking Battles Feat. Mr Naps, JDCR & Saint!

Oh so that's what the Tekken official page meant by having 'world champions' coming in to compete for the exhibition tournament this Sunday for the 20th anniversary. Previous Global Championship's 2013 competitors Saint and JDCR from Korea and Jimmy/Mr Naps from the US are currently in Japan and played in yesterday's Ranking Battles in Namco Sugamo! You can watch how these international competitors fare up against the locals at Namco Sugamo thanks to the Sugamo niconico stream. The Ranking Battle was also followed up with a Saint VS Take deathmatch afterwards but it wasn't all completely streamed unfortunately. (The result of the deathmatch if you're curious.) Enjoy the archives which I now have up on my YouTube.

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