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Tekken 7 At Final Round XX - Top 8 YouTube Archives

Missed out on all the Tekken 7 action from Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend? Catch up with the recent uploads of all the Top 8 matches from this year's Final Round tournament. All videos embedded below should be in sequential playback order as it was streamed. For all official Tekken tournament / event related content, be sure to subscribe to the Bandai Namco Fight Channel and keep your eyes peeled over at the Tekken Twitch channel throughout this year leading up to the launch of the game on June 2.

Bandai Namco Official Fight Channel ≫

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Watch Speedkicks Break Down High Level Tekken 7 Matches

Considered among the best players in the United States, Speedkicks recently gave us a break down stream of several high level tournament & death matches in Tekken 7. You can watch Speedkicks break down the finer details you may not be focusing on when watching high level competitive Tekken so it makes for an educational viewing of a certain mindset you can adopt when you peer into Tekken. The stream archives have recently been uploaded to YouTube for viewing and comes in 2 flavors - a shortened 6 minute video which highlights several key points during Speedkick's match analysis and then the full archive which spans over an hour. You can catch Speedkicks streaming over on his Twitch channel and watch the recent match breakdowns on his YouTube channel.

Twitch Stream ≫

YouTube Channel ≫

Twitter ≫

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T7FR - Wizard World Chicago 2016 Top 8 YouTube Archives

Wizard World Chicago 2016 recently wrapped up and it was the first stop of the Tekken Tour that transitioned from the vanilla version of Tekken 7 into Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. If you missed out on watching the event live, you can catch up with the YouTube archives which are now up on the Bandai Namco Entertainment Fight Channel. The next stop for the Tekken Tour is Wizard World Richmond on September 9 - 11, 2016 in Virginia. You can book tickets to that event via the WW Gaming webpage.

Bandai Namco Fight Channel ≫

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SpeedKicks Makes a List of What Separates a High Level Player From Others

Your KIT 2016 Champion of Tekken 7 Speedkicks was recently requested to make a writeup of what necessitates a Tekken player to reach a certain level of decency. He made the post on his twitter page which you can follow @SpeedKicks. SK dispels a lot of valuable knowledge articulating some things that many other top players don't explicitly mention due to their inate talent compared to others along with things that lead to so many road blocks of many mid-tier competitors.

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Final Round 18 TTT2 Pools Posted + Stream Info

@Icege has posted the preliminary Final Round 18 Pools for TTT2. Everything is divided between 16 pools with a player cap at 256. There are currently 146 pre-registered with a bunch of killers spread throughout. The doc is posted here. The stream should be provided by Team Spooky providing Top 32 or Top 16 between 6 - 8 PM on Saturday followed by Top 8 from 4 PM to 7 PM. (All EST)

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