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Translated Highlights from LowHigh's Self-Analysis Stream of Beast Arena Hong Kong

Fresh off his recent Tekken World Tour win, LowHigh went home to Korea to quickly do a post-tournament analysis stream where he goes in depth into his decision making during his matches. Since the stream was primarily Korean discussion, we have Yoshikki over on r/Tekken to thank for translating most of the notable bits from the stream. It's an elaborate piece of work that goes into the strategy of the matches so it makes for a really good read if you want to delve deeper into LowHigh's mind and what he thought about his opponents during the tournament. An archive of the stream can be found below but here's a link to the full post by Yoshikki over on r/Tekken.

Yoshikki's Translation of LowHigh's Stream ≫

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Korean Player MajorOneTenHundred's Analysis on Knee's Feng pick for REV Major

REV Major 2017 was without a doubt one of the best showing of Tekken 7 at tournaments we've seen but it can be hard to feel involved with the players and scene with foreign players making most of the dominanting performance. Language barrier makes things a hurdle so every informant/spy that comes along to give us the juicy details and behind the scenes of what's going on in other Tekken communities is pretty valuable. For most of the viewers watching REV Major, they might not know what's going on with Knee who's known for his Bryan/Mishima play to opt to go and use Feng against his opponents in a tournament. Thanks to Kihyun96 over on Reddit, he managed to translate a big analysis post on Knee's character choice done by the Feng player MajorOneTenHundred (일십백) which provides context and details to help clue people in. Big thanks goes to him for translating this analysis, you can read it over on the r/tekken subreddit.

kihyun96's Reddit post ≫

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Watch Speedkicks Break Down High Level Tekken 7 Matches

Considered among the best players in the United States, Speedkicks recently gave us a break down stream of several high level tournament & death matches in Tekken 7. You can watch Speedkicks break down the finer details you may not be focusing on when watching high level competitive Tekken so it makes for an educational viewing of a certain mindset you can adopt when you peer into Tekken. The stream archives have recently been uploaded to YouTube for viewing and comes in 2 flavors - a shortened 6 minute video which highlights several key points during Speedkick's match analysis and then the full archive which spans over an hour. You can catch Speedkicks streaming over on his Twitch channel and watch the recent match breakdowns on his YouTube channel.

Twitch Stream ≫

YouTube Channel ≫

Twitter ≫

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Crowd Reaction & Aris' Analysis On Miguel's Tekken 7 Trailer

You all saw the new trailer but what did you think about it? Aris has up on the Avoiding the Puddle Youtube channel a video going over his thoughts after watching Miguel's reveal in Tekken 7. Alongside that, there's also a video taken from the crowd over there at Barcelona Game World as it was happening live showing the excitement for Miguel. Both videos can be seen at these youtube channels:

Avoiding The Puddle ≫

MegaBlack_94 ≫

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Tekken 7 Pre-Launch Version - Looking at the Combo System

Update: Added a few more important bits of information in the stage awareness section.

Tekken 7 is a new game and with that comes with some new changes. Early reports from Japanese arcade goers paints an interesting picture as to how you will want to craft your combos in the new game. Now that bound as we normally use to perform them is altered and mostly removed, there's a new combo extending property that looks to 'bound' the opponent a greater distance then before in previous Tekken games. Just so we're all clear on what to call them, Bandai Namco is officially calling these new moves 'Screw Attacks' (Abbreviation - S!) so I guess the community can move on from calling the attacks Kirimomi/Tailspins. I've also got some other interesting quirks of the combo system in Tekken 7 that I feel like should be looked at so I've added all of those below. Of course, this all comes from a 'pre-launch' version of the game so this could all very well change in the future so do keep note of that.

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