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AfreecaTV TEKKEN League 2017 Finals

We're at the end of the road, the AfreecaTV TEKKEN League Finals is taking place on Friday night. We've wittled out all the fierce competition that entered the league and the four remaining players left in the Semi-Finals and Grand-Finals are GoAttack, LowHigh, Knee & Qudans. The finals are taking place on 06/17 at 10PM PDT with a four-man double elimination bracket with Match 1 of GoAttack vs Knee and then Match 2 with LowHigh vs Qudans. The action will once again be streamed live worldwide via the AfreecaTV Global stream channel so tune in to catch the finale of the Tekken League featuring world class Tekken 7 from Korea.

ATL 2017 Finals Global Stream ≫

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AfreecaTV TEKKEN League 2017 Round of 8

Taking place this Friday and the Friday after is Top 8 of the AfreecaTV Tekken League which has recently proceeded through Top 16. Among the 8 Korean players that will battle it out to make the semi & grandfinals are GoAttack, General, MulGold, and Qudans who are in Group A and Knee, LowHigh, HAO, and Jeondding for Group B. Round of 8 Day 1 matches will be taking place today at 10:00 PM PDT with the next on June 9th so be sure to tune in if you want to watch some world class Tekken from Korea. The AfreecaTV Tekken League live stream can be caught over on their website:

ATL Global Stream ≫

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T7FR - LowHigh (Shaheen) VS Knee (Bryan) Deathmatch

LowHigh just put up an over hour long deathmatch video against Knee's Bryan on his YouTube channel. These two Korean players are at the top level when it comes South Korean deathmatching in Tekken 7 so it makes for a good reference video if you play either of these characters. You can check it out along with LowHigh's other videos from his stream on his YouTube page.

LowHigh's YouTube ≫

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Tekken 7 - LowHigh VS Japan Match Videos

Budding new Korean Tekken top player; LowHigh recently took the opportunity to go to Tokyo and play amongst Japan's best in arcade Tekken 7 last week. There's a number of deathmatch videos already surfacing online on YouTube with LowHigh going up against the likes of Nobi, Furumizu, Karei, Jakoko and more with some of his high ranked characters. As of now, LowHigh is still in Japan so even more Tekken 7  deathmatch footage may come out. I'll be pooling all the videos together from the following YouTube channels:

Namco Sugamo (Shudy) ≫

Nishi Nippori Game Spot Versus ≫

TekkenCube ≫

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Twitch Tekken Crash Grand Finals Live Tonight

UPDATE: The event is now over and the archive is now available for viewing! Also mentioned during the stream is that starting next week, Korea will be holding preliminary events for the qualifying Korean spots for the King Of Iron Fist Tournament later this year. The Korean qualifiers will get 3 divisions for entry, the 3 of which being; "Student players," (Young, under <18 y.o I'd assume) another division for  "Female players" & lastly a division open to anyone. The qualifying events will also be live streamed soon on

Being live streamed on Twitch right now is the grand finals to the Twitch Tekken Crash event being held in the Nexon Arena in Seoul, Korea! Team Indigos will go up against team Resurrection in this big conclusion to the event. The Grand finals matches will commence at 7:00 PM Korean time and you can catch the stream live at the following channels:

English viewers ≫

Korean viewers ≫

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