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Tekken 7 - AfreecaTV Tekken League Season 3 Matches with Knee, Qudans, LowHigh, Malgu & More

The Group A & B stages of Season 3 of the AfreecaTV Tekken League took place this past weekend and there was plenty of just really good Tekken matches from the likes of Knee, Qudans, LowHigh, Malgu, Help Me, Jeondding, Chanel and UlsanGoDing to come from it. I think a surprising aspect during these Tekken 7 matches were the character picks some of the players went with in here. There's plenty footage of high level Korean Tekken from here so it's a recommended watch if you want to see how the Tekken pros do it. These matches were streamed live over on the AfreecaTV streaming website but the VODs are now available on the NiceGameTV YouTube channel so check them out:

NiceGameTV YouTube ≫

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Tekken 7 - Lee Chaolan Character Breakdown from Help Me

For those who don't know, Help Me is a seasoned Tekken veteran from Korea and if you ask any other Lee player out there, they would tell you he is the world's best Lee player. He's often playing a large portion of the cast at a high level too so he definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to breaking down what a character can do in comparison to all the other characters. In a recent stream from the leejjjan Twitch channel, Malgu and Help Me sat down with the chatroom to breakdown his main character in Tekken 7. Since the stream was in Korean, the TZ discord user rice_eel has come forward to transcribe the details and translate most of the information in the session into English for us to absorb. It's an in depth review of the character's moveset so this makes a good resource for people looking into the character. Big thanks goes to rice_eel for the translating, I've added both the source video and his translation below.

Malgu & Soyongdory's YouTube ≫

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T7FR - Bohee (Steve) VS Help Me (Akuma) Deathmatch

Korean Tekken player Help Me needs no major introduction as a specialist with every Tekken character so seeing his take on the new guest character Akuma in T7FR is interesting. His opponent however isn't some random Tekken player, Bohee is a really high ranked Steve player in T7 and was in S.Korea among the highest ranked players back in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, making this deathmatch between them a good watch. Green Arcade recently streamed this on their Twitch channel but it is now up on their YouTube channel for viewing. Enjoy.

Green Tekken ≫

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Lionz Den 2 Roundup

Updated on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 5:27PM by Registered CommenterAAK

Along with France's Utimate Tournament, Italy's Tekken Devil Tournament, and Germany's Berlin Tekken Crash, Lionz Den 2 has just concluded with it probably being the biggest Tekken only event in Europe. Over 130 entrants and players from dozens of countries participating this event was one to remember. Here is a compilation of the Stream archives, Entertainment sequences, and most of all, @TheMainMan & TMD02's TTT2 combo video premiers. Shoot your thanks to Lion-O and his team of volunteers including the CKT members for this love letter to the Tekken community.

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Tekken The King Tournament - High Profile Tournament in Green Arcade this Weekend

Nin recently brought to everyone's attention that the Green Arcade in Korea is hosting a TTT2 tournament this weekend dubbed by Nin as 'Tekken The King Tournament.' The tournament will span the entire weekend including the friday with the battles being listed in the image above. The tournament will be streamed through the Green Arcade's twitch channel and Malgu will be performing commentary for the tournament. Each day of the tournament starts in 6:00 PM Korean time so either keep a note of that or just follow the twitch channel to get alerts of when the event is live.

Green Arcade Twitch Channel ≫

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