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Lionz Den Episode 2 Featuring The Phantom From Italy

The 2nd episode of Lionz Den TV is now here starring Phantom from Italy! Joining co-hosts Lion-O and SpaghettiRip on this episode, you may remember this Raven specialist in TTT2 after his performance at the Lionz Den 2 tournament held in London last year. (Archives here) This episode's length has doubled from the last episode so there's a lot to take in, Phantom goes really in depth with Raven in the TTT2 Practice mode in here. For interested Raven players or people having trouble with the character, this is a valuable resource to learn from. Lionz Den Episode 2 is available for viewing now on the Lionz Den Gaming TV YouTube channel.

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Lionz Den Show Episode 1 Starring Lion-O, Asim & SpaghettiRip

Lionz Den is a new Tekken show series helmed by the tournament coordinator Lion-O that showcases the top Tekken talent in Europe. In it, you'll learn about each individual player's approach to the game, their overall strategy, mindset, responses to situations as well as their thoughts on character choices and more. The format of the show resembles Cross Counter's Excellent Adventure series with Lion-O's unique touch that makes for an entertaining as well as educational watch. For Episode 1, Lion-O and SpaghettiRip sit down with Asim in Pratice mode then later battling the online Tekken monsters on Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Check it out, and you can expect more episodes from this series to come in the future.

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Lionz Den 2 Roundup

Updated on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 5:27PM by Registered CommenterAAK

Along with France's Utimate Tournament, Italy's Tekken Devil Tournament, and Germany's Berlin Tekken Crash, Lionz Den 2 has just concluded with it probably being the biggest Tekken only event in Europe. Over 130 entrants and players from dozens of countries participating this event was one to remember. Here is a compilation of the Stream archives, Entertainment sequences, and most of all, @TheMainMan & TMD02's TTT2 combo video premiers. Shoot your thanks to Lion-O and his team of volunteers including the CKT members for this love letter to the Tekken community.

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Lionz Den 2 Signup + Stream Update

Couple things of note have come up regarding the biggest (and probably last) TTT2 major in Europe. Ozzy Lion-O has just announced that he will allow 16 more entrants into the tournament after popular demand. The signups are momentarily open again and you can see the directions on the Tekken Zaibatsu Tournament Announcement Page. The second thing is that Real Menace will no longer be streaming Lionz Den 2. The stream will now be handled by LukeLive as announced on Setnomessaj's recent podcast. So be sure to folow LukeLive on Twitch. CORRECTION: LukeLive is helping out with the stream, the Stream will be done by CKT_Gaming. Follow that channel, apologies for the incorrect info. And lastly, another attraction to Lionz Den was announced, a Tekken Impressionist will be at the event for entertainment. Youtube video of him in action below.

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