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Tekken 7 UK Championships Announced in Association with ESL

A Tekken 7 tour is coming to the United Kingdom, Bandai Namco has announced today. This upcoming championships will make certain stops in upcoming events in the UK during the months of April & May and will culminate with the best Tekken players the region has to offer at the finals at the ESL Arena during MCM London Comic Con. Hypespotting 6 is officially the first event as part of the championships and will signal the official launch of the tour for the game. While the announcements regarding this year's King of Iron Fist Tournament has yet to be arranged, it should probably be expected that the UK Championships will tie into it in the future. For Tekken competitors in the United Kingdom, check out official announcement and details on the Tekken 7 UK Championships over on the Bandai Namco website.

TEKKEN 7 UK Championships ≫

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Interviews, Compilations, Archives & More from the UK King Of Iron Fist 2016 Qualifier

The Bandai Namco Head Office in the UK opened its doors this past Friday to usher in strong Tekken competition for the sake of finding our champion to best represent the region in the Global finals for the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016. Manning the commentary station at the event was the team of Bubsy, Ketchup & Mustard guiding the stream throughout the tournament action as it was happening live. King Jae was our man at the event with his recent YouTube channel videos that give us closer vision of the qualifier - catching the hype and excitement from the crowd and even grabbing the people available for interviews so big ups goes to him for the quality content. You can check out those videos as well as the complete Twitch archive for the event over here:

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe ≫

King Jae YouTube Channel ≫

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LionZ Den 3 - Official Trailer For 2016

Lionz Den returns this year with Tekken! The premier European tournament series taking place in the UK brings together some of the best Europe has to offer to battle it out and give a good show. Lionz Den 2 last year boasted over 150 entrants in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with very strong international players attending like JDCR, Help Me, Kor and more. For this year, we may see some more suprises for the TTT2 tournament. Registration sign-ups for the event are now open and more from the tournament will come out in the future. Save the date: 13 - 14 August, 2016!

Lionz Den Gaming


TO Twitter

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Lionz Den 2 Signup + Stream Update

Couple things of note have come up regarding the biggest (and probably last) TTT2 major in Europe. Ozzy Lion-O has just announced that he will allow 16 more entrants into the tournament after popular demand. The signups are momentarily open again and you can see the directions on the Tekken Zaibatsu Tournament Announcement Page. The second thing is that Real Menace will no longer be streaming Lionz Den 2. The stream will now be handled by LukeLive as announced on Setnomessaj's recent podcast. So be sure to folow LukeLive on Twitch. CORRECTION: LukeLive is helping out with the stream, the Stream will be done by CKT_Gaming. Follow that channel, apologies for the incorrect info. And lastly, another attraction to Lionz Den was announced, a Tekken Impressionist will be at the event for entertainment. Youtube video of him in action below.

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TTT2: Lionz Den 2 Pool Allocations Announced

@RealMenaceUK along with @SpaghettiRip did a livestream outlining all the Pools for Lionz Den 2 and briefly talks about the competitors in each group. They also cover the rules for the tournament and the schedule. Lastly they talk about the key matches they're excited to see and several predictions. Be sure to Follow Real Menace's twitch channel since that will be the offiical channel Lionz Den 2 will be streamed on. 

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