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Tekken 7 UK Championships Announced in Association with ESL

A Tekken 7 tour is coming to the United Kingdom, Bandai Namco has announced today. This upcoming championships will make certain stops in upcoming events in the UK during the months of April & May and will culminate with the best Tekken players the region has to offer at the finals at the ESL Arena during MCM London Comic Con. Hypespotting 6 is officially the first event as part of the championships and will signal the official launch of the tour for the game. While the announcements regarding this year's King of Iron Fist Tournament has yet to be arranged, it should probably be expected that the UK Championships will tie into it in the future. For Tekken competitors in the United Kingdom, check out official announcement and details on the Tekken 7 UK Championships over on the Bandai Namco website.

TEKKEN 7 UK Championships ≫


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We’re proud to announce the TEKKEN 7 UK Championship in association with ESL!

Each week throughout April and May, TEKKEN 7 will be making its way to a major city in UK and Ireland. With thanks to fighting game tournament organisers across the country and their experience, there will be tournaments at each event. The top 3 from each event will qualify for the finals taking place on the ESL Arena at MCM London Comic Con on 26th May where the best Tekken players in the UK will gather.

To learn more about each event including how to sign up, please visit the following links:

Follow our social media channels to see the latest updates!

Official Website:

Official Twitter: @BandaiNamcoUK

Official Facebook: /BandaiNamcoUK


Hypespotting 6 ≫

Hypespotting 6 will be hosting the launch of the Tekken 7 UK Championship!

This awesome new title has been creating much excitement from players around the world, with rave reviews from everyone who has been lucky enough to give it try. Now you can experience it for yourself at the most hype fighting game event in the UK – Hypespotting 6.

The Tekken 7 UK Championship will feature five stops around the UK, culminating in Grand Finals hosted at the ESL Arena at MCM Comic Con London at the end of May. The top 3 from each of the qualifying tournaments will secure their place in the finals, with the opportunity to then win the Tekken 7 UK Championship belt!

The Tekken 7 tournament at Hypespotting 6 will now be free to enter (if you have already purchased your T7 tournament entry, you will be refunded), meaning that even more players can join in the hype and sample this hotly anticipated title.

This tour is truly a celebration of Tekken, and we are super hype to be kicking off the championship at Hypespotting 6. We are thankful to Bandai Namco and ESL for choosing Hypespotting 6 to launch the tour, and it is awesome to be part of their support for the community and players.

So if you want experience the Tekken 7 UK Championship at Hypespotting 6, then register today to secure your place. There’s just over a month before the main event, so make sure you don’t miss out on the special atmosphere and major hype found only at Hypespotting!

Tickets are on sale now at -

Hypespotting 6. 15th-16th April 2017. Hilton Hotel, Glasgow.


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