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OUG Tournament Season 2 | Fighting Game Event in Dubai on Oct 14-15 

Taking place this weekend in the United Arab Emirates within the most populated city of Dubai is the second season of the Omni Universal Gaming event. A Fighting game even featuring multiple games, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is featured in the line-up and the tournament has invited well known players to participate. JDCR from S. Korea and the Main Man from Sweden have made the trip to take on the best Tekken players the region have to offer. I'm sure that this will be the highlight event for players within the region to see if they can defend against the incoming foreign players. The event will be streamed on Twitch via the two OUGaming channels so be sure to tune in when they go live. For further details on the event, you can check their website:

OUG Tournament Details ≫

Day 1 TTT2 Stream ≫

Day 2 TTT2 Stream ≫

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Lionz Den 2 Roundup

Updated on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 5:27PM by Registered CommenterAAK

Along with France's Utimate Tournament, Italy's Tekken Devil Tournament, and Germany's Berlin Tekken Crash, Lionz Den 2 has just concluded with it probably being the biggest Tekken only event in Europe. Over 130 entrants and players from dozens of countries participating this event was one to remember. Here is a compilation of the Stream archives, Entertainment sequences, and most of all, @TheMainMan & TMD02's TTT2 combo video premiers. Shoot your thanks to Lion-O and his team of volunteers including the CKT members for this love letter to the Tekken community.

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The Main Man will be Attending Lionz Den 2

Special Guest announcement #2 for the upcoming Lionz Den 2 tournament in London this coming April is none other then The Main Man. I'm sure this will delight all fans of his great combo making videos and overall personality. Once again, keep your eyes peeled for this event.

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The Main Man Compares the TTT2 Mishima's

TheMainManSwe, one of the Tekken community's greatest Content producers has recently uploaded a fairly detailed video outlining the major differences. With him being a Mishima specialist he has a fairly solid foundation of what these characters can and can't do. He mentions that his opinion has swayed quite a bit since the game's inception in September 2 years ago and he's finally compiled all his thoughts on video while showcasing everything in practice mode to reinforce his arguments. It's a fairly interesting video and worth the watch. You can follow The Main Main on Twitch for his streams and twitter @TheMainManSwe. He also recently did the 14th part of his Pain Combo video series starring Dragunov.

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