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Team Electric Lords Combo Video Act 4

This is some of the most unbelievable things I've ever seen. The Tag Assault system in this game never ceases to amaze me. Yet even after this display it still seems there's stuff to discover about the Tag Assault potential. And like Harada himself commented about this vid: wow.


The Main Man Compares the TTT2 Mishima's

TheMainManSwe, one of the Tekken community's greatest Content producers has recently uploaded a fairly detailed video outlining the major differences. With him being a Mishima specialist he has a fairly solid foundation of what these characters can and can't do. He mentions that his opinion has swayed quite a bit since the game's inception in September 2 years ago and he's finally compiled all his thoughts on video while showcasing everything in practice mode to reinforce his arguments. It's a fairly interesting video and worth the watch. You can follow The Main Main on Twitch for his streams and twitter @TheMainManSwe. He also recently did the 14th part of his Pain Combo video series starring Dragunov.

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Tekken Mura Interview with Deku

The next part of Shana's ongoing series of interviews with famous Tekken players for the Tekken Mura website has recently been published. In this part, Shana interviews famed Japanese Mishima player Deku aka Ryo - who you might remember from being Japan's first ever Tekken God by beating Nobi in a deathmatch. Translation of the interview with Deku done by me and the next interview Shana conducted and will be publishing for the Tekken Mura website will be with Korea's own JDCR.

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