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Tokyo Game Show 2016 - TEKKEN 7 Special Stage Event on September 18

Bandai Namco are doing a Special Stage show tomorrow in Japan and for those keen on looking out for any Tekken related showing, this will probably be the time to watch. September 18 starting at 10:30 AM Japan time is the time slot for TEKKEN 7 and so far they've detailed that an exhibition match between Japanese players Deku (Heihachi) VS Kazunoko (Akuma) is set to take place on stage kinda like the previous Nobi VS Tokido matches. They're doing a live stream on both Twitch and YouTube so there's a variety of ways to tune in on that day. Hopefully a new trailer reveal soon? Tune in and find out.

Twitch Stream ≫

YouTube (English Stream) ≫

YouTube (Japanese Stream) ≫



Top Japanese Player Ryo's Impressions of the Mishima Characters in T7FR

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution has been out in arcades for about 2 weeks now and a general idea of which characters are on top are starting to settle in. Ryo (aka Deku) recently posted his impressions of the Mishima characters in the game and I'd say he's a good authority on the matter. They're brief impressions so don't expect anything lengthy or in detail but you can catch his quick thoughts over on his twitter. I translated them below if you can't read the moonrunes.

Ryo's twitter ≫

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Tekken Mura Interview with Deku

The next part of Shana's ongoing series of interviews with famous Tekken players for the Tekken Mura website has recently been published. In this part, Shana interviews famed Japanese Mishima player Deku aka Ryo - who you might remember from being Japan's first ever Tekken God by beating Nobi in a deathmatch. Translation of the interview with Deku done by me and the next interview Shana conducted and will be publishing for the Tekken Mura website will be with Korea's own JDCR.

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TTT2 - 7/20 Japan VS Korea DeathMatches at Namco Sugamo

Oh man this was way too gruesome to watch. Since JDCR, Saint and Knee are in Japan for the 5on5 JP vs KR exhibition matches on the 21st, they decided to go head to head with two of the best players Japan has to offer; Nobi and Ryou (aka Deku) tonight. The deathmatching spanned several hours and was all streamed on niconico so I managed to record it all and have it uploaded to my YouTube channel. You can check it out below.

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TTT2: Japanese Tekken Emperor Death Matches Feat. Deku, Nobi & Nashi

As far as I know, I have not heard of anyone from Japan reaching the "Tekken God" rank in arcades. Thanks to these recent uploads on SenzokuikeFalcon's Youtube channel however, we now have a look at who is the first actual Tekken God in Japan. You can check out these sick set of videos below. Big thanks goes to Fujinao for sharing these with us.

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