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Ring Out San Francisco Event Recap with Xephukai, Hates & Ceirnian

An exhibition for Soul Calibur 6 took place last week and the players that managed to make it there were able to get together and tell their thoughts on the experience at the event and on Soul Calibur 6 itself. This recap session with Xephukai, Hates & Ceirnian were streamed live on Twitch but the mic volume levels were off in some places and there wasn't a structure to the recap so skip forward a bit from the intro to the more interesting topics. There's some insightful discussion ion here on how Soul Calibur 6 is shaping up and their current thoughts in the game so feel free to listen if you're interested from hearing from notable SC players. You can catch the YouTube archive of the recap over on Xephukai's YouTube page.

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Twitch Channel ≫

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Soul Calibur 6 Exhibition Tournament from Final Round 2018

Plenty of Soul Calibur 6 footage is coming out of Final Round, thanks goes to Bifuteki for this particular upload. If you didn't catch the Soul Calibur 6 exhibition tournament from Final Round, here is the stream archive.

Bifuteki ≫

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T7FR - VSL The Fist Season 3 & Japan VS Korea Exhibition Matches

Added below are YouTube videos of the VSL The Fist Season 3 finals which took place at the G-Star 2016 event in Korea recently. The stream archives up on the VSL channel are from the semi-finals and up and features the Tekken 7 FR tournament matches with JDCR, MBC, Goraebob & Saint on stage. An exhibition match also took place there with 3 Japanese players invited over to battle Korea's strong representatives in the upcoming King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Global finals. The 3v3 event had the Japanese players: Jackller, Tanukana & Take match up against Koreans; Knee, MBC & Shall We Be Happy resulting in plenty of tough competition on video. Since it was also a rare occasion, the Japanese players also made a stop at the Net Arena arcade and matched up against the locals in the region. You can see how those players fared and more on the following YouTube channels:

VSL YouTube channel ≫

Karena Net Arena ≫

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Tokyo Game Show 2016 - TEKKEN 7 Special Stage Event on September 18

Bandai Namco are doing a Special Stage show tomorrow in Japan and for those keen on looking out for any Tekken related showing, this will probably be the time to watch. September 18 starting at 10:30 AM Japan time is the time slot for TEKKEN 7 and so far they've detailed that an exhibition match between Japanese players Deku (Heihachi) VS Kazunoko (Akuma) is set to take place on stage kinda like the previous Nobi VS Tokido matches. They're doing a live stream on both Twitch and YouTube so there's a variety of ways to tune in on that day. Hopefully a new trailer reveal soon? Tune in and find out.

Twitch Stream ≫

YouTube (English Stream) ≫

YouTube (Japanese Stream) ≫



Yosu Hakai Ou Cup - Japanese 7on7 East VS West Battle on June 25

UPDATE: Mastercup later announced that 2 additional players will be playing in this event turning it into a 8on8. Matador joins the Eastern team with Nobi and Yosurin joins Hakai Ou's team.

Starting next weekend is the 'Yosu Hakai Ou' MASTERCUP tournament named after well known Tekken players Yosurin and Hakai Ou. It'll be a tournament event on home turf for Japan's west Tekken scene as they battle it out against incoming players from other parts of Japan. For this occasion, a 7 on 7 EAST VS WEST event is being organised which pits the best Tekken 7 players to decide which region has the strongest players. Leading the Eastern Japan army is Nobi with his team of Kagemaru, Double, Tsubumi, Kabochan, Chanmura & Taris while the Western Japan army is lead by Hakai Ou with his team; Nisshin, Karei, Taisei, MakoRyu, Gen (formerly: Genkids) & Joe. The 7on7 exhibition will take place a day before the Hakai Ou Cup tournament on June 26 and they will both be streamed live on via the Game Newton channel so be sure to catch all the action live!


East VS West 7on7 MASTERCUP ≫

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