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Tekken 7 Tournament MASTERCUP TRIGGER Taking Place in Tokyo on August 20

The MASTERCUP Zaibatsu has announced a new tournament taking place this month in Electric Town, Tokyo. MASTERCUP TRIGGER is the tournament's name and it is being organised in the e-sports Square Akihabara venue with both PS4 & PC versions of Tekken 7. For people who have never been to e-sports Square Akihabara before, it's a cafe that has around 50 high spec PC rigs available for patrons to come in and play whatever they like. It even has a Tekken Bar with Tekken related menu items available to buy. MASTERCUP will be organizing a Tekken 7 tournament, Tekken Lesson to help learn the game and prepare set-ups to play on freely so come on down if you happen to be in the area. Entry fee into the event is 2000 Yen and more details on a stream will arrive closer to the date. You can check out the source announcement of the tournament over at the Mastercup website.


Tournament Updates ≫ @masakarijin

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Tekken 7 - Japanese Matanga League ft10 Match Videos

Highlight: Matador (Steve) VS Furumizu (Paul)

Topanga? Oh you must mean Matanga League for Tekken! In Tokyo city, Matador's "Matanga League" took place recently which featured the heavy hitting regulars of Koenji's Cube arcade battle it out in first to 10 sets. The players within the leagues are some of the strongest players you can find in Japan like Furumizu, Matador & Yanpan making these some really good matches to watch. The remaining players in the league are Rage, Hasukyon, Marubana and Manba and they're no slouches either. All the footage from Matanga League was streamed live on Twitch but they are now available for people to watch on the Koenji Cube Youtube channel.

Tekken Cube ≫

Matanga League Playlist ≫

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Yosu Hakai Ou Cup - Japanese 7on7 East VS West Battle on June 25

UPDATE: Mastercup later announced that 2 additional players will be playing in this event turning it into a 8on8. Matador joins the Eastern team with Nobi and Yosurin joins Hakai Ou's team.

Starting next weekend is the 'Yosu Hakai Ou' MASTERCUP tournament named after well known Tekken players Yosurin and Hakai Ou. It'll be a tournament event on home turf for Japan's west Tekken scene as they battle it out against incoming players from other parts of Japan. For this occasion, a 7 on 7 EAST VS WEST event is being organised which pits the best Tekken 7 players to decide which region has the strongest players. Leading the Eastern Japan army is Nobi with his team of Kagemaru, Double, Tsubumi, Kabochan, Chanmura & Taris while the Western Japan army is lead by Hakai Ou with his team; Nisshin, Karei, Taisei, MakoRyu, Gen (formerly: Genkids) & Joe. The 7on7 exhibition will take place a day before the Hakai Ou Cup tournament on June 26 and they will both be streamed live on via the Game Newton channel so be sure to catch all the action live!


East VS West 7on7 MASTERCUP ≫

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Seremura Cup - MASTERCUP Summer Tournament 2013 Announced

The official Mastercup website has just announced a new TTT2 arcade tournament set for summer in Japan. Titled the "Seremura Cup," the tournament will be similar to the previous MASTERCUP J1 Climax tournament in the 3on3 format however, this new tournament will be in Waseda tournament style and have the entry team limit capped at 48 teams (144 people total). The event is scheduled for the 11th of August and will be held in Tokyo's Taito Station arcade. Further details of the event and it's live broadcasting (If available) to follow closer to the event's date.

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