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Yosu Hakai Ou Cup - Japanese 7on7 East VS West Battle on June 25

UPDATE: Mastercup later announced that 2 additional players will be playing in this event turning it into a 8on8. Matador joins the Eastern team with Nobi and Yosurin joins Hakai Ou's team.

Starting next weekend is the 'Yosu Hakai Ou' MASTERCUP tournament named after well known Tekken players Yosurin and Hakai Ou. It'll be a tournament event on home turf for Japan's west Tekken scene as they battle it out against incoming players from other parts of Japan. For this occasion, a 7 on 7 EAST VS WEST event is being organised which pits the best Tekken 7 players to decide which region has the strongest players. Leading the Eastern Japan army is Nobi with his team of Kagemaru, Double, Tsubumi, Kabochan, Chanmura & Taris while the Western Japan army is lead by Hakai Ou with his team; Nisshin, Karei, Taisei, MakoRyu, Gen (formerly: Genkids) & Joe. The 7on7 exhibition will take place a day before the Hakai Ou Cup tournament on June 26 and they will both be streamed live on via the Game Newton channel so be sure to catch all the action live!


East VS West 7on7 MASTERCUP ≫

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King Of Iron Fist 2015 - Osaka Challenge niconico Live Stream

The Osaka qualifiers for Bandai Namco's big King Of Iron Fist tournament on December this year will be taking place this Saturday in Japan. As such, a niconico live stream is being prepared for this qualifier allowing everyone the chance to watch. The winner of the female division in this qualifier will move on to the event's Grand Final alongside the already qualified: Nobi and AO. The winning teams of the 3on3 student and 3on3 'for anybody' divisions will also move onto the event's Japan round qualifier which is the event's 2nd phase qualifiers for male players. Hameko will be providing commentary on the niconico live stream here:

niconico Stream URL ≫

(^^ The webpage will automatically adjust to your time zone and tell you how long until it goes live)

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TTT2: Next Video Batch + General News from Japan

Another huge batch of Tekken videos recorded from several Nico streams have been uploaded onto my YouTube channel. This batch features some Tekken players you may be familiar with such as Taizo, Tissuemon, Kyamome, Matador, Burimaru and more. I've also added some general news into this piece that I feel might be of interest and keep people up to date on what's recently going on over in Japan. Check it all out below.

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