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The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 | Global Tekken 7 Tournament on Dec 12

Bandai Namco's global Tekken 7 tournament will be carried out real soon and it will feature Tekken players from different parts of the world. Japan, Korea, Europe, USA & the Philippines have player representatives all looking to take home top place which comes with a huge cash prize from the available 5 million Japanese Yen prize pool. KOIFT 2015 is taking place in Namco's HQ located in Shinigawa, Japan and will be simultaneously broadcasted onto niconico & for the world to see. The Japanese stream will have commentary by Tekken development team members Harada and Nakatsu alongside Hameko. The English stream will have both Aris and Markman at the helm for commentary. The event will go live at Dec 12 starting at 10 AM Japan time so be sure to tune into the broadcasts when they're live!

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Final List of All Qualified Players for the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 Grand Finals

The finale for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 event is almost here and we now have all the players that have qualified for the Grand Finals set to go down in Tokyo, Japan on December 12th. These include all players that have qualified through the previous qualifying events held in East and west Japan, South Korea and East & West USA. There's also special-case qualifiers such as Nobi and AO who qualified through their placings at EVO 2015 and AK from the Philippines who was invited into the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals will offer the top placers of the event a big chunk of the 10 million yen prize money and will be broadcasted live simultaneously on niconico for the Japanese audience and for the English audience. Harada has previously teased new and exciting news for the Tekken series at this event so you have more to look forward to than all the competitive Tekken 7 action. The streaming channel URLs for the KOIFT2015 Grand Finals are as follows:

niconico Grand Finals stream ≫

Twitch Grand Finals stream ≫

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King Of Iron Fist 2015 - European Qualifier Finals At Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week is taking place as we speak and the organized European qualifier for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 will be occurring soon. The winning 3 players from this event wins an 'all-expenses' paid trip to Japan to compete in the KOIFT2015 Grand Finals alongside the likes of Nobi, AO, Mr. Naps, Bloodhawk, AK and more on December 12th. The event is being streamed live across Bandai Namco and ESL's Twitch channels with commentary available in French and English. I don't exactly know when the event will go live (I was just told 'in about 8 hours from now') so follow the channels to get notifications on when they're live. Here are the players that are participating in this qualifier.


  • Vanex
  • Caiper
  • Genius
  • Starscream
  • FARM2FARM|Devil
  • Real Menace
  • Tenshimitsu
  • Harry Potter
  • Mitrust-storm
  • Tissuemon
  • FARM2FARM | Matt-JF
  • Caradolph


Bandai Namco Europe (ENG) ≫

ESL France (FR) ≫


King Of Iron Fist 2015 - East Coast USA Qualifier YouTube Archives

The King Of Iron Fist tournament recently concluded the East Coast USA qualifier to find a US representative player to fly to Japan and just like UTXVI, this event unfortunately couldn't be streamed live on Twitch. Team Spooky has however uploaded the video archives of the event so you can use those to catch up with the event. The entire playlist is now up and available to view. No spoilers in here, so feel free to watch the archives if you've managed to avoid social media up to this point. You can check out the rest of Team Spooky's channel here:

Team Spooky ≫

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AK from The Philippines Is Invited to the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2015

In a new update to the official Japanese website for the King Of Iron Fist tournament 2015, it's been brought to light that Tekken child prodigy AK from the Philippines is invited to the Grand Finals event on December 12th. He is listed under the delegation of the TEKKEN 20th Anniversary event so he was selected after his performance in the last year on December 7th. AK will head on to compete against other strong qualified Tekken players like Naps, Nobi, AO and more come this end of the year. The same update on the website also details the total amount of qualifying spots for the Grand final event and they are as follow:

THE KING OF IRON FIST TOURNAMENT 2015 Qualifying players:

  • 11 qualifying players from Japan - 2 of which from the female division. (Yurisan no Hou & Maxi)
  • 8 qualifying players from Korea
  • 2 qualifying players from EVO 2015 - Nobi & AO.
  • 2 qualifying players from North America - West Coast (Mr. Naps) & East Coast (Oct 18th.)
  • 3 qualfyiing players from Europe - Paris Games Week (Oct 29th.)
  • Tekken's 20th Anniversary Event performer - AK from the Philippines.

Official website ≫