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Win a Free Trip to Evo Las Vegas 2018 in the Ultimate Ranking Tournament on May 5

The French Tekken community is putting together a big European Tekken 7 throwdown in France next month and the winner that prevails gets an all-expensive-paid trip to participate at Evo 2018 in Las Vegas. The Ultimate Ranking tournament is set to take place in the Boutique Orange Opéra on May 5th with top placing rank players in the region already entered and a last chance qualifier-like event on the day for any hopeful European player there. The venue is being shared with Kayane Sessions #27 which is a free to play training ground with free stations of Tekken 7 and DragonBall FighterZ in a tournament stress free environment for people to come down, play locals and have fun. The sign-up page for the Ultimate Ranking tournament can be found over on the Weezevent page for Kayane Session #27 but act fast, only the first 64 players registered will get the chance at the free Evo 2018 ticket. For people that can't make it there, the tournament is expected to be streamed live on Twitch so be on the look out for the live stream in the future. Tournament format and details can be found in English below.

Ultimate Ranking Registration Page ≫

Organisation by Tekken France ≫

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Translated Soul Calibur 6 Gameplay Breakdown from MF Doom

The French Soul Calibur player MF Doom was one of the lucky few to participate in the recent Bandai Namco press event with a playable build of Soul Calibur 6 over there. With the embargo now over, he managed to upload some gameplay videos as well as detail some of his experiences and findings of the mechanics going on in Soul Calibur 6. MF Doom's Soul Calibur 6 notes comes from the Soul CaliburFR website so thanks to both MF Doom and Hayate for sharing the details with everyone.

Soul Calibur FR Source ≫

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08/15/2016 - Headline News

Both Summer Jam X and Gamescom is on this weekend.

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King Of Iron Fist 2015 - European Qualifier Finals At Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week is taking place as we speak and the organized European qualifier for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 will be occurring soon. The winning 3 players from this event wins an 'all-expenses' paid trip to Japan to compete in the KOIFT2015 Grand Finals alongside the likes of Nobi, AO, Mr. Naps, Bloodhawk, AK and more on December 12th. The event is being streamed live across Bandai Namco and ESL's Twitch channels with commentary available in French and English. I don't exactly know when the event will go live (I was just told 'in about 8 hours from now') so follow the channels to get notifications on when they're live. Here are the players that are participating in this qualifier.


  • Vanex
  • Caiper
  • Genius
  • Starscream
  • FARM2FARM|Devil
  • Real Menace
  • Tenshimitsu
  • Harry Potter
  • Mitrust-storm
  • Tissuemon
  • FARM2FARM | Matt-JF
  • Caradolph


Bandai Namco Europe (ENG) ≫

ESL France (FR) ≫


Ultimate Tournament XVI | Top 8 Results

Due to an unforeseen issue, Ultimate Tournament XVI could not be streamed this year. The entire event will however be re-broadcasted on Twitch with YouTube archive videos to follow shortly. You can catch the rebroadcast & archives on Realmenace's channel in the near future. The full result of the tournament is now available and I have it listed all below. Once again, thanks goes to the sponsors Bandai Namco Europe and MadCatz for supporting the event, the CKT group for coming together and helping the tournament run smoothly and of course, everyone from Europe who attended as well as all the international guests for participating in the event!

Real Menace's Twitch ≫

YouTube channel ≫

CKT_Gaming cam footage from the event ≫

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