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T7 Online Ranked Matches - Japan's Highest Ranked Lee Player VS Knee & Ji3MoonAce

If you have ever been following the Japanese Tekken scene for the past few games, the name Hari (はりー) might be familiar. He's a notable Lee player who is at this point in time, currently Japan's highest ranked Lee player in arcades. He was also a really high ranker back in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2 arcades so he knows his way around using Lee. Recently, Hari has been recording his matches online in Tekken 7 and uploaded footage of him deathmatching Korean players; Knee and Ji3MoonAce. These matches make for a good watch despite the online Japan to Korea connection so take note if you're interested in playing Lee. His matches with Knee & Ji3MoonAce can be found below but, you can find even more of his online adventures over on this Youtube channel:

幅浩太郎 ≫

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PS4 Tekken 7 Gameplay Videos Show Graphical Downgrade

Videos of the PS4 version of Tekken 7 emerged at Tokyo Game Show and it seems to confirm that the image quality of the console port took a hit on the overall image quality. A common thing you might have seen in arcade footage of Tekken 7 is lag during certain parts of stages (usually near the wall, it was really common to have lag during wall combos) and also just during places where hitsparks would come out. Those issues still appear in the PS4 gameplay videos. The official specs of the arcade board were never detailed so we didn't know how close the arcade version specs would match the PS4s but for now we can chalk this up as just being an early version of the PS4 port. With that said, Tekken 7 is still slated for Early 2017 and things may improve in the future for a version that will eventually be the one used in tournaments. The videos here are from GameSpot's YouTube channel.


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08/15/2016 - Headline News

Both Summer Jam X and Gamescom is on this weekend.

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07/31/2016 - Headline News


14/7/2016 - Headline News

Just before Evo edition.

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