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Soul Calibur 6 - Character Breakdown Videos from CEO 2018

Update: A Nightmare character breakdown video down with Stache from CEO has now been added to this piece.

Soul Calibur 6 is making its way across several events with the recent build arriving at Community Effort Orlando 2018. The competitive Soul Calibur crowd were out in force getting hands on time with the updated version of the game which you may already be familiar with back from E3. For everyone that are not present at CEO, Ragnarok (@Ragnarok_FGC) is our hero for the day for sitting down with notable players and recording down character movelist breakdown videos for Kilik, Zasalamel & Siegfried. If you're interested in playing this game when it comes out on October 19th, get an early look into how some of these characters play with these new videos. You can check out the CEO breakdown videos as well as even more Soul Calibur 6 footage including the character breakdowns from E3 over on Ragnarok's YouTube channel:

Ragnarok YouTube ≫

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Gallery - Fourth Batch of Soul Calibur 6 Gameplay Screenshots

Soul Calibur 6 screenshot dump part 4. This batch of gameplay images features the newly revealed Zasalamel and Ivy on one of the newer stages in the game. Lots of uhh .... details to admire on in here. Once again, these are full HD sized images so warning to those on slow or data internet connections. If you're looking for the previous batch of Soul Calibur 6 screenshots, here is a link:

Third Batch ≫

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Ivy and Zasalamel Revealed for Soul Calibur 6

Just revealed over on Bandai Namco YouTube channels! Both returning characters will feature in Soul Calibur 6 with Ivy back with her signature whip fighting style and Zasalamel with his Death Scythe. Take a look at what they're capable of in their new reveal trailers:

Bandai Namco Europe ≫

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