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Soul Calibur 6 - Videos and findings from Consumer Electronics Show 2018

Soul Calibur 6 was playable this past week at the Razer Booth in CES 2018 and some people that were present over there managed to go in deeper with the game to report their findings. Not a whole lot of gameplay footage was captured but we got in depth gameplay findings thanks to Futabot over on the 8wayrun forums. UltraTien managed to record a few of their matches at the booth so check it out if you want to see more gameplay footage of the game at the event. I've also added below gameplay impressions from Sajam so check that out if you're interested in seeing how he feels about the game so far. You can find all the CES SC6 findings & media compiled below.


▌Soul Calibur 6 Gameplay Findings
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Courtesy of Futabot on 8wayrun ≫

(Added bolded notation detail to assist in reading)


The biggest change to the game is 8WR. It is much faster than it was in SC2. 8WR now has a burst of speed at the the start and can be guard canceled similarly to how wave-dashes work. (This is how it works in SC1 after firing it up again.)

You can buffer 8WR directions while performing moves to be in 8WR without any delay.

Step can be canceled with RE [Reversal Edge], GI [Guard Impact] and any standing move. It cannot be canceled with Guard and Step G is not in the game.

Pressing forward while backstepping does not mitigate RC. [Run Counter]

Guard Impact

6G [Forward + Guard] is the only GI input and it also catches lows and throws.

You can GI [Guard Impact] earlier than you can guard, but you must buffer the input well before the move resolves in this build.

GI takes 20% of guard meter on whiff and gives back 20% on success. (4 whiffs for yellow, 5 total for red) Auto-GIs and command GIs do not use guard.

You can GI everything but GB [Guard Break] and UB [Unblockable] moves.

In this build, the GI window is extraordinarily long. Punishing allegedly-whiffed GIs with CE [Critical Edges] on reaction never ended well.


Instant 8WR attacks except for 22_88. [Numpad notation 22 = down,down / 88 = up,up]

Taunt is now A+B+K+G. K+G and A+K currently not used for anything.

WL [While Landing] is not in the game. Sophi 9B just behaves like a WL B with a hop and an attack after landing.

Brave Edge and JG [Just Guard] are gone.

Whiffed attacks and landed attacks add what feels like 1 to 2 pixels per. Very small amounts.

Lethal Hit

Lethal Hit is consistent on counter hit. Lethal Hit moves can also have conditions outside of CH [Counter Hit] depending on the move. Mitsu 3B will LH on crouching and TCs [Tech Crouchs] even if you do not press a button when hit. Similarly, Mitsu 1A will LH on 8WR.

Lethal Hits are basically just stuns and launchers. Broken pieces of armor do not affect whether LH occurs or not.

Reversal Edge

RE is a solid defense option with reasonable startup time, but can be baited and punished. Parrying moves does not guarantee a RE attack will land, since the attack is dependent on when the player releases the button and whether the opponent attacked with a move with quick recovery.

RE input is B+G. RE is baked into Mitsu BBB.

RE parries all attacks except unblockables, GBs, CEs. The parry uptime is about a second untouched, but if attacked, RE can be held until a big gap occurs. Sophie AAA has a large enough gap between the second and third attack to force RE to come out.

The RE attack is a high vertical can be stuffed, guarded, SS, GI and RE if opponent started RE earlier. You cannot, however, AA into a RE then parry the RE attack.

RE will go into clash with no damage on the first hit if it is blocked on full charge.

You can hit player in RE parry from behind.

Landing a RE attack provides roughly a quarter of meter.

In RE Clash, if no input is chosen, the game will default to G.

RE only lasts 2 rounds. If there is another tie, RE initiator will get a GI. Clash round 2 has a much shorter input window for commands or the input window is before the first round resolves.

A > K > B > A, etc.
A, K > 2_8
B > 4_6
A and K vs G will end the clash. B, however, will reclash after 1st G unless guard broken.

Landing A and K provide about 1/8th meter. B provides about 1/4th on hit and G reclash. Breaking a guard gives 1/8th.

Soul Charge

SC requires 1 bar and is performed with 4A+B+K. The burst knocks back and hits air and OTG [Off The Ground]. The radius is large but it can be whiff punished. Burst will also cancel an active RE parry and create space. Not sure if can be GI'd.

Soul Charge adds chip. Chip cannot kill. Good rule of thumb is that if a move had a Brave Edge in V, it gets modified by SC. Notably, Mitsu SC 1KB knocks down on normal. Sophie's BBB string becomes BBBB. The last hit is basically a quick 22B+K.


Throws are now 5, 66 and 4 A+G. 66A+G and A+G are both forward throws despite being two different throws. Forward throws are broken by any attack button. Back throws are escaped with 4 and a button.

You can mash ABK while buffering guard. Just as long as you guess the first direction right, it works.

Throws seem slower with worse recovery.


Mitsu now has a shoulder tackle from his low poke in 3BB.

RLC [Relic Stance] K is a long range shoulder tackle now.

Sword Wall is QCF + B.

Mitsu 66BB seems mega safe. Could not AS B/TAS B punish it on block without getting GId.

Mitsu 1KB is natural on normal hit. KDs [Knocks down] on CH and SC [Soul Charge] buffed.

Mitsu 66A+B[G] is in.

2KB is not safe even with GI.

1A LH on RC.
3B LH on crouch and TC.
B6 LH.


Sophi's back run is covers noticeably more distance than Mitsus when holding back and guard canceling 8WR.

Sophi now has new forward moving pokes. 6AA now has GI properties on first hit, tech crouches and hits low on second. Can press 6 or 66 afterwards for AS or TAS respectively. 6BB has GI properties on first hit and hits mid.

22_88B is now what used to be TAS [Twin Angel Step] b8B A K.

Shield punch has been moved to A+B and GBs. 6A+B is the new command GI. [Move with Guard Impact property 'built in']

Twin Angel Step is now 236 ~ 6. You can still do 236236 though.

AS and TAS moves are like they are in SC4/BD.

TAS AA does combo into all sorts of things because it still stuns. TAS BB works. (My bad, I forgot TAS was Twin not Double LEL)

8WR B+K (except 66 B+K) LH.


The build has some input lag. GIs have to be buffered very early at the end of moves if you want it to come out at the end of a move. This might also be affecting why round 2 clash feels unresponsive to inputs.

▌Soul Calibur 6 Videos
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Hoyentec ≫

UltraTien ≫

Sajam ≫

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