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Translated Soul Calibur 6 Gameplay Breakdown from MF Doom

The French Soul Calibur player MF Doom was one of the lucky few to participate in the recent Bandai Namco press event with a playable build of Soul Calibur 6 over there. With the embargo now over, he managed to upload some gameplay videos as well as detail some of his experiences and findings of the mechanics going on in Soul Calibur 6. MF Doom's Soul Calibur 6 notes comes from the Soul CaliburFR website so thanks to both MF Doom and Hayate for sharing the details with everyone.

Soul Calibur FR Source ≫

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Rage Reaction Relationships for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 By Archer Mac

Archer Mac has been diligently studying and documenting the Rage Relationship mechanic which exists in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ever since the findings of the interesting system. One of his most extensive works include filling out the dedicated Tekken Zaibatsu's Wiki page with charts and calculations that show at what point certain tag teams within the game will trigger rage for the partner character. For those of you who find the chart a bit too complicated to read, Archer Mac has recently released the "Rage Reaction Relationships" program for Windows that visually details when certain character teams trigger rage. The program is pretty straight forward with how it works and all it requires you to do is select your two characters in the dropdown box and the program will do the rest. You can find the download link to the program below.

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