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Latest PS4 Tekken 7 Footage Shows Noticeable Slowdowns During Matches

Oh no. The Tekken 7 UK Championship Qualifier in Dublin, Ireland took place recently and some concerning footage was captured of the PS4 version of the Tekken 7 having really noticeable slowdowns in the game. And no, I'm not talking about the Slow motion moments that happen near the end of the rounds. It's hard to tell what's causing all these performance issues in the game but there's been some anecdotal experiences from players at several events saying there's something going on with the console version of the game. I've gathered all the notable bits of footage & comments here for people to judge for themselves and hopefully grab the attention of those working on the game to quickly iron out all these issues before it releases real soon.

T7 UK Championship Qualifier Archives ≫

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08/15/2016 - Headline News

Both Summer Jam X and Gamescom is on this weekend.

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