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Registration Opens for the Tekken World Tour's Online Tournaments

The previously delayed Tekken World Tour Online qualifiers have now emerged with new details & rulesets for the upcoming tournaments. The TWT will now allow players to participate in the tour with online tournaments taking place in Europe, North America, South East Asia, East Asia & Australia. If you're a pro at Tekken online, come forward and sign up for your nearest online qualifier and hopefully make it out there on the Tekken World Tour. Check out all the details and registration pages for the TWT Online Tournaments over on the website:

TEKKEN World Tour Online Tournaments ≫

TWT Online Registration Page ≫


Blast From The Past: Tekken 5 DR Tournaments From Super Battle Opera

A large amount of Tekken footage from Japan's Super Battle Opera tournaments recently emerged on YouTube. Primarily Tekken 5 DR from SBO 2006 and 2007 but there's also plenty of other SBO FG tournaments uploaded all in the one playlist if you're interested in checking it out. You can have a look through it all on Eternal Charisma's channel. Oh and the picture of the pug watching SBO 2006 is taken from this video.

Eternal Charisma's FG Tournament Playlist ≫

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08/15/2016 - Headline News

Both Summer Jam X and Gamescom is on this weekend.

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Combo Breaker 2016 | Fighting Game Tournament on May 27-29

Taking place this weekend in St. Charles Illinois is Combo Breaker 2016. A notable fighting game event in the Midwest which recently announced over 1000 participants scattered across over 20 games. For the Tekken series, it's part of the Tekken Tour with a Tekken 7 tournament, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is available to playtest, a Tekken (3) Ball tournament is being organised and finally a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 side tournament. Schedule, pools, live stream info and more are now up and available for viewing. Don't miss out of any of the Tekken action this weekend!

Combo Breaker ≫

TEKKEN Twitch stream ≫

TTT2 side tournament stream ≫

Pools ≫

Schedule (acekingoffsuit) ≫


OzHadou Nationals 13 & Tekken World 2015 Occurring this Weekend

I get to be kinda lazy this time thanks to a certain post on r/Kappa. Just to briefly describe, Ozhadou Nationals 13 is the latest in Australia's longest running fighting game tournaments in the country that is held in the city of Sydney. This year, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 returns as a sort of last 'hurrah' for the game at the event and some of the best players in the country are competing. That, and there's also the usual stuff like UMVC3, SFV, MKX etc to watch at the event.

OzHadou Nationals 13:

"Tekken World" is a yearly Spanish Tekken tournament with the latest being held this weekend and it's actually Spain's largest Tekken tournament I believe. For this year, JDCR has been invited along to the event and will be interesting to see how he stacks up against the Spanish.