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Blast From The Past: Tekken 5 DR Tournaments From Super Battle Opera

A large amount of Tekken footage from Japan's Super Battle Opera tournaments recently emerged on YouTube. Primarily Tekken 5 DR from SBO 2006 and 2007 but there's also plenty of other SBO FG tournaments uploaded all in the one playlist if you're interested in checking it out. You can have a look through it all on Eternal Charisma's channel. Oh and the picture of the pug watching SBO 2006 is taken from this video.

Eternal Charisma's FG Tournament Playlist ≫

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Blast From The Past: Evo 2K3 Jackie Tran VS. Kenbou

This is easily one of my fondest memories as a spectator. Evo 2k3, Jackie Tran's Ogres VS. Kenbou's Lei/King.

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