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TTT2 - Tekken Strike Season 1 Episode 1 & 2

NicegameTV have left their second episode online on TwitchTV and taktak1893 uploaded episode 1 in his channel. Tekken Strike follows the same format as Tekken Crash where 4 competitors duke it out and in a double elimination bracket where  the competitors that advance do so in winners and losers. Be sure to see some top tier Korean gameplay below.

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TTT2 - Final Round 16 Archive

What arguably was the greatest TTT2 tournement held in North America came and passed 2 1/2 weeks ago with 219 competitors in attendance. Here is a compilation of all the exhibitions and tournament matches that went down throughout the day. Huge thanks to TeamSp00ky, FunkyP, and FGCSabin for capturing all the great moments that went down.

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TTT2 - Kuwait Fighting Game Festival Archive

Enjoy some more international Tekken with the best from the middle east fighting it out. There are some truly skilled players from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain that particated in this tournament. and it's not everyday you see a character like Baek prosper in Top 8 of a tournament. 

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TTT2/VF5: i46 Madcatz Championships Archive 

Madcatz's premier fighting game tournament in the UK held a TTT2 tournament using the console version with a lot of big names in attendance including Asim, Shadowforce, Ryan Hart, Cristina, among others. See the archives of the tournament below. Characters like Forest and P. Jack got some stream time along with some of the brand new stages including Phillipines, France, Brazil, and Netherlands.
Part 1: (Tournament starts at 1:11:00)

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