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Aris on What It Takes To Be Good at Tekken

[UPDATE #2] A YouTube video of the discussion is now up on the ATP YouTube channel! All the laggy Twitch embeds below have now been replaced.

[UPDATE] Thanks to Necromancy Black, a complete written video transcription of this Tekken talk has now been added to this piece for those who prefer to read it!

This segment of a Tekken discussion with the chatroom comes in the form of a Twitch Clip chain so forgive the segmented formatting. If you're interested in more ATP stream content, you can follow the channel over here:

Avoiding The Puddle ≫

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OUG Tournament Season 2 | Fighting Game Event in Dubai on Oct 14-15 

Taking place this weekend in the United Arab Emirates within the most populated city of Dubai is the second season of the Omni Universal Gaming event. A Fighting game even featuring multiple games, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is featured in the line-up and the tournament has invited well known players to participate. JDCR from S. Korea and the Main Man from Sweden have made the trip to take on the best Tekken players the region have to offer. I'm sure that this will be the highlight event for players within the region to see if they can defend against the incoming foreign players. The event will be streamed on Twitch via the two OUGaming channels so be sure to tune in when they go live. For further details on the event, you can check their website:

OUG Tournament Details ≫

Day 1 TTT2 Stream ≫

Day 2 TTT2 Stream ≫

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Registrations Open for Tekken Tej Tournament in Poland on October 22

Tekken Tej Tournament 2016 is the latest in the Polish Tekken tournament series that is set to take place in the city of Poznań next month. It's another last hurrah tournament for sending off TTT2 before Tekken 7 releases early next year but it'll be another showcase for European Tekken action. The event for this year is being run by a joint cooperation effort with the Polish community ( alongside with the Cool Kids Table and they know what they're doing when it comes to Tekken events. Registration and all kinds of useful information like how to get there, the game arena map, stream link, registration page and everything else is all detailed on the web page for the tournament so check it out if you're interested in competing. Registration for the tournament closes on the 15th of October, 2016.



Lionz Den 3 | London Tekken Tournament Streamed Live on August 13-14

Update: Tournament results and twitch vods have now been added!

12 PM Local time on Saturday in London, UK or 4 AM PDT / 7 AM ET is when Lionz Den 3 is going down! A premier Tekken event, players will step into the boxing ring to face strong European competition in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament. Sodam from Korea is confirmed to be attending the event and he'll be doing a first to 5 exhibition match with Asim from the UK which will be one not to miss. In addition, TEKKEN 7 (Arcade) will be at the event on the side for people to play and enjoy. All the action from Lionz Den 3 will be streamed on their Twitch channel throughout this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for when the action goes live!

Lionz Den 3 Stream

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Lionz Den 3 - Tekken 7 Playable with Asim VS Sodam Exhibition Match

The main event for Lionz Den 3 has been announced, a classic East VS West Tekken match with Europe's own Asim going up against Sodam from S.Korea in a first to five exhibition match in the boxing ring! These two combatants wil put their countries prides behind them as they head into the Lionz Den come the August weekend of the 13th. In addition, Bandai Namco UK announces that TEKKEN 7 will be playable at the event. No solid confirmation on which version of the game it will be but chances are high that Tekken 7 Fated Retribution will be there giving Europe a chance to check it out. Lionz Den 3 is going down in mid August at the Amba Hotel in London, UK so be sure to be there and catch all the Tekken action in person. Book your tickets now at the Lionz Den Gaming website:

Lionz Den ≫

Ozzy The Lion-o ≫

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