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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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Aris on What It Takes To Be Good at Tekken

[UPDATE #2] A YouTube video of the discussion is now up on the ATP YouTube channel! All the laggy Twitch embeds below have now been replaced.

[UPDATE] Thanks to Necromancy Black, a complete written video transcription of this Tekken talk has now been added to this piece for those who prefer to read it!

This segment of a Tekken discussion with the chatroom comes in the form of a Twitch Clip chain so forgive the segmented formatting. If you're interested in more ATP stream content, you can follow the channel over here:

Avoiding The Puddle ≫

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TTT2 - Adding Tag Button to Bound Move Inputs Alters Tracking

While we all know that pressing the Tag button with the input of a bound move brings in the partner character for a TA combo, it seems that it adds a little more changes to a move's properties in how it tracks. As YOU@KYSG demonstrates in the following video, the second hit of Nina's Ivory cutter gains further tracking to Nina's left after a blocked jab. This is the example used within the video but it's been documented that other bound moves like Jin's ff+3, Kazuya's d/b+2, Dragunov's wr+2 and ff+2 and several other bound moves gain additional tracking with the added tag button input. It's an interesting bit of information to know and maybe worth adding to your gameplay. The video (neta100) is from theater10's YouTube channel and there's further documentation on this on YOU@KYSG's Zexi page.

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TTT2 - BigE Announces 1st Annual Filthy Cup - 10/26

Big E Gaming is pulling all the stops to revitalize the Tekken tournament scene with the announcement of the Filthy Cup in honor of legendary Tekken community member Filthierich. This is going to be a 3D fighting game exclusive event with the current roster being TTT2 and TTT1 with at least 2 more unannounced games to be introduced in the lineup. More details after the jump.

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CafeId's 4/16 Tekken League ft. SunChip, Knee, Saint, Chanel, NoName and Misty

Almost that time of the month again, CafeId are continuing to roll out a fantastic Tekken League series. For this month, the roster will include SunChip, Knee, Saint, Chanel, NoName (I believe this is referring to the Nina/Law player) & Misty. You can catch the Tekken League live on the 16th of April at 8:00 PM (GMT +9) over on their Twitch channel.

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CafeId's 3/16 Tekken League ft. Only Practice, Knee, Hao, LowHigh, Triple H, Gura & Saint

Here comes the next CafeID Tekken Leagure featuring an all star line up of Only Practice, Knee, Hao, LowHigh, Triple H, Gura & Saint. Haven't gotten word of any changes yet, but presumably this league's ruleset will follow the previous ruleset. Be sure to tune in on Saturday at ** UPDATE: Now is at 2:00 PM (GMT+9) ** to catch the event live.

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