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T7FR - Over An Hour of Only Practice Deathmatches with Nina

Only Practice is back on Tekken 7 with Nina! I don't think it gets any better then this if you wanted to see what Nina is capable of in T7FR. In this deathmatch, Only Practice goes up against Super100's Bryan and it ends up being over an hour long back and forth between them. Thanks goes out to the Green Tekken YouTube channel for the video upload, you can check out the rest of his channel here. Nina's d/b+2 now being -5 on block in T7FR is cheap.

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Korean Challenger Only Practice Enters Ultimate Tournament XVI

Presenting the first international competitor for the upcoming UTXVI tournament in France, Only Practice from Korea! Only Practice will be entering the tournament bringing his signature style of extremely good execution and combo optimization in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This marks a rare occasion since it's not often that you see Only Practice play outside of Korea so this will be Only Practice's first time playing in Europe. Only Practice is amongst the first of the international competition announced for UTXVI with more to come in the future. A trailer video for the new challenger has been prepared and is now available for viewing. Europe's upcoming large scale Ultimate Tournament XVI will be taking place at Pourrieres, France in October this year.

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Tekken Mura Interview with Only Practice

Shana's interview with the famous Korean Nina/Lars/Leo player - Only Practice during his recent trip to South Korea is now live on the Tekken Mura website. In it, Only Practice goes over a variety of topics such as when he started playing Tekken, his character choices, who he thinks are on top in Korea and a bit more. The interview isn't that extensive but it's an interesting read regardless. Interview is in complete Japanese but I went ahead and translated it for everyone below. Check back on the site in the future as the next player interview will be with top Japanese Mishima player Ryo (aka Deku.)

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TTT2 - Only Practice Combo Videos

A Japanese twitter fan page for Only Practice shared some interesting videos of Only Practice doing a high damaging combo as well as combos that manipulate the game's camera system. Certainly worth the quick watch since it exemplifies how dirty and cheap OP's teams are. You can take a look at them below.

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CafeId's 3/16 Tekken League ft. Only Practice, Knee, Hao, LowHigh, Triple H, Gura & Saint

Here comes the next CafeID Tekken Leagure featuring an all star line up of Only Practice, Knee, Hao, LowHigh, Triple H, Gura & Saint. Haven't gotten word of any changes yet, but presumably this league's ruleset will follow the previous ruleset. Be sure to tune in on Saturday at ** UPDATE: Now is at 2:00 PM (GMT+9) ** to catch the event live.

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