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Tekken 7 - Advanced Lei Wulong Combos, Set-ups & Tech by OJxT

This is a great video that shows off some of the more lesser known but advanced 'tech' for Lei Wulong in Tekken 7. Lei as a character thrives on what info the opponent doesn't know so the more that you can keep unpredictable, the better. Special combo against fat people inside.

OJxT YouTube ≫

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Tekken 7 - Nina Ivory Cutter Infinite Combo Discovered

That was pretty fast! YOU from KYSG got access to console Tekken 7 at the Tekken Bar event in Japan and already managed to find an infinite combo with Nina at the wall. This I presume is only on Kuma but might be for other big characters. It should go without saying that it is pretty early with the game still actually not being released yet so expect a patch to fix this in the near future. You can check out the infinite video below then go e-mail Harada.

theater10 ≫

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Tekken 7 - Video Breakdown of Miguel's New Moves, Changes & Combos 

Blankaex has once again created a new Tekken 7 character breakdown and this time with the spaniard brawler Miguel. This comes after the Lee Chaolan breakdown video which was a valuable piece of content that showed off what's upcoming with the new console Tekken 7 characters. For this occasion, Miguel is tested and demonstrates the new moves he got, the changes to certain move properties as well as some sample combos for players to make use of. Most of the character testing was performed by 4LCH3M15T from the Australian Tekken community and you can catch the same community streaming the latest Tekken 7 build weekly over on Blankaex's Twitch channel.

Blankaex YouTube channel ≫

Bandai Namco Australia Weekly Tekken Stream ≫

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PS4 Tekken 7 - Video Breakdown of Lee Chaolan's New Moves, Changes & Combos

The crew managing and streaming the game over at Bandai Namco Australia have recently finished compiling a video breakdown of Lee Chaolan. It's a comprehensive piece of video content as it shows you what the players discovered from the console character in the current PS4 demo build of the game. If you haven't been following Tekken too much but are a Lee player from the previous games, this video will pick you up to speed on what new moves and changes you can expect from the character in Tekken 7. Sample combos with notations are also included near the end. As always, thanks goes to Blankaex for streaming and capturing the footage up on the YouTube channel.

Blankaex YouTube channel ≫

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Tekken 7 FR - Feng Combo Damage Notes from Nekosuke (Ver. D)

Japanese Feng player Nekosuke recently got around to testing out the damage values of a bunch of different Feng combos and punishers at an arcade. It costs additional money on top of the coin you put into the T7FR machine for access to all this data in the Premium Practice mode so it's good info from someone who 'took the bullet' for us so to speak. All these notes were posted from his Twitter account in images but I've transcribed them all into our notation system for us to read. You can catch the sources over on Nekosuke's Twitter account.

Feng Damage Note Tweet #1 ≫

Feng Damage Note Tweet #2 ≫

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