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30 Minutes of Nobi's Geese VS Nishi's Feng in this Online Tekken 7 Set

Thanks goes to Nishi for streaming his online ranked session. Nobi has a high ranked Geese apparently, you can watch him and Nishi go at it for roughly 30 minutes in this online set. It's a Revered Ruler ranked match so these two players are really rather good with their character so the set makes a good reference if you're planning on picking up either of the two characters. You can watch the matches along with some other online deathmatches on Nishi's YouTube channel:

Nishi's channel ≫

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Tekken 7 FR - Feng Combo Damage Notes from Nekosuke (Ver. D)

Japanese Feng player Nekosuke recently got around to testing out the damage values of a bunch of different Feng combos and punishers at an arcade. It costs additional money on top of the coin you put into the T7FR machine for access to all this data in the Premium Practice mode so it's good info from someone who 'took the bullet' for us so to speak. All these notes were posted from his Twitter account in images but I've transcribed them all into our notation system for us to read. You can catch the sources over on Nekosuke's Twitter account.

Feng Damage Note Tweet #1 ≫

Feng Damage Note Tweet #2 ≫

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T7FR 10/2 - Hao (Feng) VS JDCR (Bryan) Matches From Green Arcade

It's been awhile since we've seen footage of JDCR playing Tekken 7 Fated Retribution from Green Arcade but it's still cool to see him keep at the game every now and then. The most recent upload from the Green Arcade YouTube channel has a match between Hao with his Feng up against JDCR's Bryan and while it's not a long video, it is still a good match to watch. You can find the video as well all kinds of other different high level Korean matches from Green Arcade here:

Green Tekken ≫

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