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AfreecaTV TEKKEN League 2017 Round of 8

Taking place this Friday and the Friday after is Top 8 of the AfreecaTV Tekken League which has recently proceeded through Top 16. Among the 8 Korean players that will battle it out to make the semi & grandfinals are GoAttack, General, MulGold, and Qudans who are in Group A and Knee, LowHigh, HAO, and Jeondding for Group B. Round of 8 Day 1 matches will be taking place today at 10:00 PM PDT with the next on June 9th so be sure to tune in if you want to watch some world class Tekken from Korea. The AfreecaTV Tekken League live stream can be caught over on their website:

ATL Global Stream ≫

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T7FR 10/2 - Hao (Feng) VS JDCR (Bryan) Matches From Green Arcade

It's been awhile since we've seen footage of JDCR playing Tekken 7 Fated Retribution from Green Arcade but it's still cool to see him keep at the game every now and then. The most recent upload from the Green Arcade YouTube channel has a match between Hao with his Feng up against JDCR's Bryan and while it's not a long video, it is still a good match to watch. You can find the video as well all kinds of other different high level Korean matches from Green Arcade here:

Green Tekken ≫

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Tekken Strike Season 3 Group A,B,C Archive

Sorry for the 3 weeks late posting everyone, I've been slipping. But NICEgameTV has uploaded the archive for the first 3 episodes of Season 3 of Tekken Strike. All the matches are embedded below. Enjoy some Korean level TTT2.

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TTT2 - Hao vs Knee True Tekken God Deathmatch + Tekken Strike Episode 4 Archive

taktak1893 just posted the archives of Tekken strike episode 4 and a high stakes deathmatch between arguably 2 of the best players that frequent Green Arcade. Embrace the high level Korean action after the jump.

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CafeId's 3/16 Tekken League ft. Only Practice, Knee, Hao, LowHigh, Triple H, Gura & Saint

Here comes the next CafeID Tekken Leagure featuring an all star line up of Only Practice, Knee, Hao, LowHigh, Triple H, Gura & Saint. Haven't gotten word of any changes yet, but presumably this league's ruleset will follow the previous ruleset. Be sure to tune in on Saturday at ** UPDATE: Now is at 2:00 PM (GMT+9) ** to catch the event live.

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