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Tekken 7 - AfreecaTV Tekken League Season 3 Matches with Knee, Qudans, LowHigh, Malgu & More

The Group A & B stages of Season 3 of the AfreecaTV Tekken League took place this past weekend and there was plenty of just really good Tekken matches from the likes of Knee, Qudans, LowHigh, Malgu, Help Me, Jeondding, Chanel and UlsanGoDing to come from it. I think a surprising aspect during these Tekken 7 matches were the character picks some of the players went with in here. There's plenty footage of high level Korean Tekken from here so it's a recommended watch if you want to see how the Tekken pros do it. These matches were streamed live over on the AfreecaTV streaming website but the VODs are now available on the NiceGameTV YouTube channel so check them out:

NiceGameTV YouTube ≫

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AfreecaTV TEKKEN League 2017 Round of 8

Taking place this Friday and the Friday after is Top 8 of the AfreecaTV Tekken League which has recently proceeded through Top 16. Among the 8 Korean players that will battle it out to make the semi & grandfinals are GoAttack, General, MulGold, and Qudans who are in Group A and Knee, LowHigh, HAO, and Jeondding for Group B. Round of 8 Day 1 matches will be taking place today at 10:00 PM PDT with the next on June 9th so be sure to tune in if you want to watch some world class Tekken from Korea. The AfreecaTV Tekken League live stream can be caught over on their website:

ATL Global Stream ≫

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Tekken 7 Knee Combo Highlights

Youtube user jayjelly has neatly edited the successfull combo's Knee managed to pull off in his near 2 hour stream. The original youtube upload has been made private so this is the next best thing to seeing the combo potential Knee concocted with the few hours he had with the game. Assuming the combo mechanics are retained these really do look maximized. See for yourself.

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Direct Feed Tekken 7 Footage of Knee vs CPU (Updated w/ YouTube Archive)

Updated on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 6:27AM by Registered CommenterAAK

Courtesy of Knee's afreeca stream, he just got free reign to stream Tekken 7. Everything is in Korean so don't expect to understand anything but you can definitely observe him trying to experiment with combo's with various characters. Again, this is the old build so the animations, character art, everything is still from the previous location test (which is he same as Tekken 6). Click the archived stream link here

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