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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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Tekken Crash Returns | Tekken 7 3on3 Tournament Live From Korea

Streaming Live from the e-sports Nexon Arena is 'Tekken Crash Returns' which will be Tekken 7's first official tournament event held in South Korea. The tournament format is 3on3 and features renowned Tekken players from Korea like Knee, JDCR, Saint, Chanel, Help me and more. There's also going to be some special guests on the show one of which includes Harada himself. The event will be broadcasted on several channels in S. Korea (including one TV channel) but for the rest of the world, there is going to be a YouTube stream for all of us to enjoy. This is definitely not a stream to miss out on if you're looking out for the latest gameplay on Tekken 7 as well as gameplay from high level Korean players.


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CafeId's 3/16 Tekken League ft. Only Practice, Knee, Hao, LowHigh, Triple H, Gura & Saint

Here comes the next CafeID Tekken Leagure featuring an all star line up of Only Practice, Knee, Hao, LowHigh, Triple H, Gura & Saint. Haven't gotten word of any changes yet, but presumably this league's ruleset will follow the previous ruleset. Be sure to tune in on Saturday at ** UPDATE: Now is at 2:00 PM (GMT+9) ** to catch the event live.

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