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Tekken 7 - Advanced Lei Wulong Combos, Set-ups & Tech by OJxT

This is a great video that shows off some of the more lesser known but advanced 'tech' for Lei Wulong in Tekken 7. Lei as a character thrives on what info the opponent doesn't know so the more that you can keep unpredictable, the better. Special combo against fat people inside.

OJxT YouTube ≫

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KOR's Wakeup and Ground Game Guide Complete

KOR published his brilliant & exhaustively detailed guide on the wakeup and ground game for Tekken in KOR's Tekken Academy earlier today. He created the document available for everyone with a facebook account to view and even improve upon. The link is provided below but for those who don't have facebook, the text is pasted below as well. You can follow KOR at @TXDJKOR.

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LUYG Presents TTT2: Intermediate 2 of 2

Part two of LUYG's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorial, "intermediate", is ready for viewing. Check it out below. 

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