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Tekken 7 - Video Breakdown of Miguel's New Moves, Changes & Combos 

Blankaex has once again created a new Tekken 7 character breakdown and this time with the spaniard brawler Miguel. This comes after the Lee Chaolan breakdown video which was a valuable piece of content that showed off what's upcoming with the new console Tekken 7 characters. For this occasion, Miguel is tested and demonstrates the new moves he got, the changes to certain move properties as well as some sample combos for players to make use of. Most of the character testing was performed by 4LCH3M15T from the Australian Tekken community and you can catch the same community streaming the latest Tekken 7 build weekly over on Blankaex's Twitch channel.

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T7FR - Video of Every Character's New Moves

Update: Sorry for the incorrect headline. Katarina's new moves are missing from the video. When a video of her new moves is up we'll add it in here.

Suteki on his twitter page has been regularly uploading video snippets of all the character's new moves in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. As of now, a full compilation video of all the changes have been put together on YouTube and this will be a much more easier way to see all the new moves plus extra combos. I'm not sure if there's any new moves missing but it looks like the video goes off from the character movelist pdf files that were uploaded on the T7FR website. Thanks for the hard work and also if you're interested, there's a T7FR Yoshimitsu combo video on his YouTube page too.

SutekiChannel ≫

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From Tekken Tag 2 To Tekken Revolution - Character Facial Changes

Here's an interesting aesthetic change that appears in Tekken Revolution, the alteration of several female character's face from their original in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. While this isn't an exclusive all new thing, it's an interesting decision none the less as it harkens back to what Harada mentioned about Tekken X Street Fighters ages ago. So what do you think of the changes, an improvement or worse off? Images are all taken from olololkitty's tumblr page.

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