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Gura 'Leaks' the Secrets to Using Leo & Lili in Tekken 7

If you were watching EVO Japan last month, you may remember Gura who was repping Team Nightmare in the Top 8. Gura as you may already know is an exceptionally knowledgeable player from Korea who has played Leo, Lili, Kazumi and Geese before in Tekken 7. In some of the recent videos he uploaded onto his YouTube channel, he goes into and guides people into some concise key things when playing both Leo & Lili. Or what he likes to call it, 'leaking the secret' to playing them. These guide videos are in Korean but English captions of the video are now available thanks to the translator suoder so we can now all understand it. You can catch these character guides as well as all the other content Gura makes over on his YouTube & Twitch pages:

Nightmare Gura YouTube ≫

Gura TV Twitch ≫

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Few Tekken 7 Leo Notes from Kuro Kuro at the Location Test

UPDATE: Added some more notes from Kuro Kuro that he recently added as well as some staple Leo combos from Special Pikoham.

Fuck the twitter character limit. Anyway, this is just some notes from Kuro Kuro after having played Tekken 7 with Leo at the recent location tests. This all comes from his twitter so If you're interested in this sort of stuff be sure to follow him. I may get around to eventually doing a big round up post on all the Tekken 7 findings later down the line.

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TTT2 - Only Practice Combo Videos

A Japanese twitter fan page for Only Practice shared some interesting videos of Only Practice doing a high damaging combo as well as combos that manipulate the game's camera system. Certainly worth the quick watch since it exemplifies how dirty and cheap OP's teams are. You can take a look at them below.

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