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Kuro Kuro Cup | Japanese Double Elimination Tournament on August 8th

The KUROKURO CUP returns this year and once again it's being hosted by Japan's very own Kuro Kuro. The tournament / party event will be taking place in Akihabara, Japan on the 8th of August so it's a great event to go compete in some Tekken 7 then later getting drunk with all the other players at the bar. For this year, both Knee and Chanel are invited and will be participating in the tournament. Kuro Kuro will be streaming the event on both niconico & Twitch so If you yourself cannot be there, you can at least watch it live. If you do happen to be there in Japan for the event however, Kuro Kuro has set up an English registration page that makes it easy to enter yourself in. For further details on the event, you can consult Kuro Kuro's blog or keep reading below.


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Kuro Kuro Tekken 7 Twitch Channel Archives

Kuro Kuro is doing great work lately with his niconico/Twitch streams of Tekken 7 from Japan's Akihabara Leisureland Arcade. So far, he's streaming the game daily onto those channels with the Twitch stream being in higher quality now so it's more pleasing to look at this time around. His twitch channel is a great resource for Tekken 7 footage and if you enjoy watching it, I'd recommend that you follow his channel. You can find a whole slew of Tekken 7 footage in the past broadcasts section of his Twitch channel.

Kuro Kuro's Twitch channel ≫

Special Note - I've embedded a few archives below but I can't make them all not autoplay on open. So be prepared to pause some of them if you open this post up.

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Few Tekken 7 Leo Notes from Kuro Kuro at the Location Test

UPDATE: Added some more notes from Kuro Kuro that he recently added as well as some staple Leo combos from Special Pikoham.

Fuck the twitter character limit. Anyway, this is just some notes from Kuro Kuro after having played Tekken 7 with Leo at the recent location tests. This all comes from his twitter so If you're interested in this sort of stuff be sure to follow him. I may get around to eventually doing a big round up post on all the Tekken 7 findings later down the line.

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Tekken Casino + USA vs Japan Round Robin EVO2014 Archive

Throughout Friday and Saturday nights NYCFab managed to stream a good majority of the Tekken Casino matches while Kurokuro was streaming from the VIP room captured always by Flying Wonkey. Also, Madcatz streamed the Team USA vs Team Japan 5v5 Round Robin. Catch everything in the playlists/videos below.

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Age of Renowned Tekken Players Compiled By Kuro Kuro

Since you can find out so much information on Tekken players through their Facebook/Twitter/Zexi pages, Kuro Kuro recently decided to compile an age list of notable players. It's predominately a Japanese players list so you might not know most of the names on this list but there's some notable players outside of Japan that you might know of. The list is structured around fiscal years but it easily shows you how old everyone is. No famous female players included in this list of course, that stuff is top secret.

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