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Ultimate Tournament XVI Announcement - It's Back on October 17th

Ultimate Tournament XVI - This year's installment of the largest Tekken tournament in France can now be announced to be taking place on the 17th of October this year! It is set to be held in Pourrieres, France near the port city of Marseille located at the southern side of the French country. This will be no doubt, a big event for Tekken in Europe and the competition will be the strongest it has ever been for this time around. Europe will have to pool it's players together to defend their turf against the incoming Japanese, Korean, American and even Venezuelan players coming in to take home the victory. A victory which is being guaranteed to be worth at least €800 which is being given out amongst the top placers at the event. Mark the date: Saturday, 17th of October as it'll be a Tekken event not to miss this year!

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Tekken 7 Tournament Being Held at Japan Expo in Paris

Harada mentioned awhile back on Twitter that he will be attending France's Japan Expo event in July and we now have confirmation from the official Tekken Facebook page that he will be bringing Tekken 7 with him for attendees at the event to play. They're hosting an actual tournament for the game too over there so this makes for a good opportunity to get a good handle of the game while there. The date and time of the event is listed in the image above but If you're interested in further info on the Japan Expo event in July, you can look at their website here:

Japan Expo ≫


TNT Slugfest #1 Archive + Results

This weekend the inaugural tri-monthly London Tekken-only tournament "Total Non-Stop Tekken Slugfest" hosted by the HeartofGaming concluded. The event was streamed by TheWonderPark and the archives are posted below. The tournament had lot so of international competition accross Europe including countries like France, Greece, Ireland, among others. The characters present in grand finals was also a huge suprise which is a testament to the variety seein in European Tekken. Archive streams embedded below.

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Ultimate Tournament XV - YouTube Video Archives

Malekith, Lil Majin, Harry PotterThese video archives are provided through the official Tekken Arena YouTube channel. For results and bracket information on the tournament, you can reference the previous UTXV post.

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Ultimate Tournament XV | Tekken Tournament in France Held on April 26th

UPDATE: Results have now been added to this piece courtesy of Lizanias!

UTXV is this year’s installment of the dedicated Tekken tournament series of Ultimate Tournament. As like last year with getting big international competition to attend, UTXV features 4 confirmed international players such as Lil Majin from USA, El Negro Piripicho from Venezuela, Burimaru & Mattari from Japan coming to the event. That’s not all however since the registered player list for the event also has players from all over Europe registered for the event so this is certainly not one to miss. You can watch international competitor reveal trailers below and find more info on the TekkenZaibatsu page for the tournament.

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