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Soul Calibur 6 - Mitsurugi Combo Video by Belial

Here's a valuable resource for everyone looking to pick up Mitsurugi in SC6. The veteran Mitsu expert Belial made a combo/tech video guide for all the combo follow-ups, tech traps, reversal edges and ring outs you should be doing. Belial pretty much did most of the homework so learning all these combos after you got familiar with Mitsurugi's movelist will take you pretty far with the character. If you're a complete noob to Soul Calibur though, you might want to read 8WR's Wiki page for the general terminology.

Belial YouTube ≫

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T7FR - Akuma Combo Video Act 2 By CrazyDongPal

An old Mishima playing legend taking the guest character for a ride. Here's the latest Combo Act from Crazy Dongpal showcasing what Akuma can do in the game. Footage is courtesy of Knee's YouTube channel.

Knee's YouTube channel ≫

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T7FR - Bob Gameplay Videos From Arcade Update

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution added the new character Bob to the roster through an online update pushed to arcades on August 9 and since then, both Japanese and Korean arcades have been streaming footage of his gameplay on Twitch. While there's now an abundance of videos to sift through, I went and cherry picked some of the more interesting videos here for those looking to see what's he like in the new game. Videos here are rounded up from the following channels:

Shudy (Namco Sugamo) ≫

taktak1893 ≫

NetArena (Karena) ≫

Tatsushi ≫

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T7FR - Video of Akuma's High Damaging Combos

Tatsuo on twitter has been going crazy lately recording a bunch of absurdly high damage combos from Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. His latest upload on his channel is a compilation of his recent Akuma combos and it just shows once again how absurd his combo damage is, especially near the wall. With that said, these combos mainly use full meter and the Raging Demon so this is proof of concept of the optimal combos Akuma can get should the player perform it right. Focus Attack combos, jump ins, wallsplats, wall carries, infinite stage combos etc, there's plenty there. Big thanks to Tatsuo and check out his channel for other T7FR videos.

Tatsuo Twitter ≫

YouTube Channel ≫

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MASTERCUP.8 PV 1 - Tekken Combo Meister x MASTERCUP

MASTERCUP.8 is slowly creeping up on the calender and with it comes Japan's first major MASTERCUP tournament. The first Promotional Video for the tournament features Tekken 7 combos conducted by several Japanese players like Fuuchikurin, Kawauso, STL & Payopayo who you might remember from their YouTube channels. MASTERCUP.8 is taking place in Tokyo's Leisureland Pallete Town venue in Odaiba this year and you can look forward to participating and watching the stream for the tournament come this November 22nd!

Fuuchikurin channel ≫

Kawauso Channel ≫

STL's channel ≫

Payopayo's channel ≫

MASTERCUP EC channel ≫

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