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T7FR 8/28 - Buts (Hwoarang) VS Gen (Bob) Deathmatch 

Japan's best Hwoarang going up against a young Tekken playing prodigy that got 2nd place at EVO 2014. A vicious dismantling occurs inside. Once again, big thanks goes to Shudy for always providing videos and streaming from the Japanese Namco Sugamo arcade, you can check out his channel here:

Shudy (Namco Sugamo) ≫

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T7FR - Bob Gameplay Videos From Arcade Update

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution added the new character Bob to the roster through an online update pushed to arcades on August 9 and since then, both Japanese and Korean arcades have been streaming footage of his gameplay on Twitch. While there's now an abundance of videos to sift through, I went and cherry picked some of the more interesting videos here for those looking to see what's he like in the new game. Videos here are rounded up from the following channels:

Shudy (Namco Sugamo) ≫

taktak1893 ≫

NetArena (Karena) ≫

Tatsushi ≫

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Tekken 7 FR Arcade Online Update 'Version C' Balance Changelist

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is getting a big update tomorrow bringing T7FR up to version C or more simply, the "Bob Update." This online update for arcades bring a new wave of balance changes to the game and all the changes have been published online for everyone to see on the Tekken-Official website. Check it out here, but I went and translated it all for everyone here below!

Tekken-Official Version C ≫

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T7FR New Character Bob out in Arcades on August 9! Master Raven in September

The official Japanese Tekken 7 Fated retribution stream just finished and we have news on the newly announced characters coming to the game. Bob will be added to the character roster via an update to arcades on August 9 which is the Tuesday next week. Master Raven will take slightly longer to come out with her addition set to arrive sometime in September. Alongside this news, demonstrations of these two characters in the training mode as well as balance changes coming to the game were shown off and video footage is up. The full change-log of all the balance updates is coming in the near future on the Tekken-Official website and I'll post it up when it's available.

T7FR niconico stream ≫

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