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Where is Frame Data? Peculiar Jab Situation with Bryan & Master Raven

Here's a interesting interaction in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. If you're Bryan up against a opponent using Master Raven, the most basic of frame trap situations don't seem to occur as naturally as you would expect. Considering that jabs in this game are 10 frames on start-up, it seems that even in disadvantageous circumstances, Master Raven's will override and beat Bryan's jab. To be more specific, if after certain plus frames on block moves like Bryan's jab (+1 on block), b+1 Chopping Elbow (+3) and the qcb+3 low soccer kick (+4) hit, both players doing a jab will make Master Raven win here. It's all hard to picture when reading so here are the video findings that both Knee and Low High have shared on this interaction. Is it bugged or is there a finer detail in play here? Where is frame data.

Knee ≫

Low High ≫

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T7FR - Footage of Ver. D Balance Change Testing & Day 1 Master Raven

New balance changes and character are out so time to explore for players in arcades. The Net Arena in South Korea got to testing all the balance changes real quick and have already uploaded a 2 hour long video checking through things so it's a good resource to look at to make sense of how exactly things got changed in Version D09. Although I haven't seen many notable Raven mains pick up and try out Master Raven yet, there are videos of people playing around with her in online matches and they do a decent job of showing how she differs from the older Raven. I'll be pooling videos together of Master Raven from these following YouTube channels.

Karena (Net Arena) ≫

Shudy (Namco Sugamo) ≫

Kuro Kuro ≫

Tekken Cube ≫

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Master Raven Arrives in Arcades on September 15 in New Update Ver. D09

A new update on Tekken-Official details the upcoming update coming to Tekken 7 Fated Retribution in arcades named Ver. D09 on September 15th. It includes the recently announced Master Raven character coming to arcades in Japan and Korea for players to use as well as a new game mode which I'm not sure how to name it at the moment but seems to suggest some kind of 'Item Battle.' In addition, it lists a new wave of game balance changes arriving to the game but since this was a forward notice of the update, the full notes of the balance changes coming will be published in the near future. For now, people looking forward to the character will be pleased to know that they can start watching / playing the character on September 15th in arcades.

T7FR Update Ver. D09 ≫


T7FR New Character Bob out in Arcades on August 9! Master Raven in September

The official Japanese Tekken 7 Fated retribution stream just finished and we have news on the newly announced characters coming to the game. Bob will be added to the character roster via an update to arcades on August 9 which is the Tuesday next week. Master Raven will take slightly longer to come out with her addition set to arrive sometime in September. Alongside this news, demonstrations of these two characters in the training mode as well as balance changes coming to the game were shown off and video footage is up. The full change-log of all the balance updates is coming in the near future on the Tekken-Official website and I'll post it up when it's available.

T7FR niconico stream ≫

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