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Input Lag Testing for Soul Calibur 6 Finds Unstable Lag Spikes During Gameplay

The input lag testing results are in, we've got some bad news here. From the testings done by both Noodalls and WydD, they both found that Soul Calibur 6 has on average; around 4 to 5 frames of input lag when playing on the PlayStation 4. That puts SC6 on the laggier side when compared to other fighting games from this generation of consoles. The even bigger finding across both results was an unstable level of fluctuations in between the testing which is leading to quite a notable level of variance in the results. To put that into easier words, Soul Calibur 6 was found to have random input lag spikes during regular gameplay. It's currently being thought that the instability is occurring randomly so hopefully Bandai Namco quickly fixes this issue like how they handled the input lag with Tekken 7. Thanks goes to both Noodalls and WydD for the testing, you can find more info on their set-ups and testing over on their Twitter pages:

Noodalls ≫

WydD ≫

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Where is Frame Data? Peculiar Jab Situation with Bryan & Master Raven

Here's a interesting interaction in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. If you're Bryan up against a opponent using Master Raven, the most basic of frame trap situations don't seem to occur as naturally as you would expect. Considering that jabs in this game are 10 frames on start-up, it seems that even in disadvantageous circumstances, Master Raven's will override and beat Bryan's jab. To be more specific, if after certain plus frames on block moves like Bryan's jab (+1 on block), b+1 Chopping Elbow (+3) and the qcb+3 low soccer kick (+4) hit, both players doing a jab will make Master Raven win here. It's all hard to picture when reading so here are the video findings that both Knee and Low High have shared on this interaction. Is it bugged or is there a finer detail in play here? Where is frame data.

Knee ≫

Low High ≫

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TTT2 - PEKKEN Festival & GODSGARDEN Outer Gate Finals

I knew I was forgetting something in the previous tournament news round-up. PEKKEN festival is a small 2on2 Japanese tournament run by the E-Sports Square Japan group with Pekosu as host. The event allowed players to come in and play during the casual 'Free play' sessions and watch and participate in the tournament. Alongside this, GODSGARDEN has wrapped up their online Outer Gate portion of their recent tournament series. Details, archives and more for these two events can be seen inside.

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TTT2 - GODSGARDEN GATE Qualifier 2 Results & Archive

Due to Twitch TV's recent site technical issues, the GODSGARDEN Gate stream for the second Outer Gate qualifier was moved over to their Ustream channel. Again, this qualifier was played online and also allowed players that failed in the first Outer Gate qualifier another chance to qualify in the second one. I've added below the results and Ustream archives for this event.

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TTT2 - 6/19 JP & KR Tournament News Round-Up

A lot of things are going on recently in both Japan and Korea so I thought I might string up this post to help keep everyone up to speed on what is going on. From within you can find announcements, results, developments and archives for some of the major events that are currently progressing.

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