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TTT2 - 6/19 JP & KR Tournament News Round-Up

A lot of things are going on recently in both Japan and Korea so I thought I might string up this post to help keep everyone up to speed on what is going on. From within you can find announcements, results, developments and archives for some of the major events that are currently progressing.


GODSGARDEN are organizing a tournament that includes both online and offline play for both TTT2 and SF4. The tournament features two 'Outer gate' qualifiers which is played online and streamed for free on Twitch with the top placers entering into the 'Inner gate' finals which will be played offline and PPV on NetYouLand. Below, you'll find an image of how this works courtesy of USD of SRK.

You can catch the second qualifier live on the 22nd over on the GODSGARDEN channel.

Outer Gate Qualifier 1:

Challonge Bracket:


  • Yuuchan
  • geriondc
  • Bull
  • Ryou/Deku
  • Pekosu
  • Yuu
  • Okaty
  • Yamamoto Brai
  • Yohei
  • Mobi
  • Beehachi
  • Killer Machine
  • Shake
  • Sasshii
  • Kurokuro
  • Shana
  • FRB AO
  • Nobi
  • Manba
  • Dandy
  • UNKO Water


Watch live video from GODSGARDEN on TwitchTV


The crew at CafeId with the help of MASTERCUP are organising a 5on5 Japan VS Korea battle that will pit the best of both countries against one another. The players from the Japanese side will be selected through qualifying tournaments held inside Japanese arcades with the addition of Nobi while players on the Korean side will feature the Top 4 of the Tekken Strike program with the addition of Nin.

JAPAN ROUND 2on2 Qualifier 1 in Namco Sugamo:



  • Yuukin & Genya
  • Maru & Shudy
  • Lathin & Shana
  • ?? & ?? (Can't make out the Kanji)
  • Yuu & Kurokuro
  • Shinchan Jr. & Nekosuke
  • Jakoko & Tsubumi
  • Yukichan & Eidori
  • Takoyaki Ayashi & Kahochan
  • Harusuke & Take
  • Pekosu & AO


Watch live video from cafeid on TwitchTV

Current teams for 5on5 JP vs KR event:

Japan team: Nobi, Harusuke, Take, ? & ?

Korea team: Knee, Nin, JDCR, Chanel & Saint

The second qualfier held in Sugamo will occur on the 29th of June while the final 5on5 battle will take place on the 21st of July. You can catch both of these live over on the CafeId channel.


*deep breath* Hell Festival MASTERCUP J1 Climax 2013 *exhales* which is still slated for the 14th of July has quickly hit it's entry limit. Among the participants are some notable players such as Yuu, Nobi, Deku, AO, Mister, Yuki, Genkids, Taaku and more. I'll put up the whole entrants list as well as further information in a new update post on this site closer to the event beginning.


The Japanese TEKKEN-NET website has just published and announced the 'Global Championship'13' event. It is stated to be a worldwide tournament and that further details of this event are to be coming soon.

Summary Round-Up Calendar:


22nd - Godsgarden Outer Gate Qualifier 2

23rd - Godsgarden Outer Gate deciding play-off for Inner gate

29th - Namco Sugamo JPvsKR Qualifier 2 in Namco Sugamo

30th - Godsgarden Inner Gate finals


4th ~ 8th - South Korea Strongest player deciding play-off (sneaking this in here since I have little to no information on this event)

14th - Hell Festival MASTERCUP J1 Climax 2013

21st - Japan VS Korea 5on5 battle in Japan

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