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T7FR - Footage of Ver. D Balance Change Testing & Day 1 Master Raven

New balance changes and character are out so time to explore for players in arcades. The Net Arena in South Korea got to testing all the balance changes real quick and have already uploaded a 2 hour long video checking through things so it's a good resource to look at to make sense of how exactly things got changed in Version D09. Although I haven't seen many notable Raven mains pick up and try out Master Raven yet, there are videos of people playing around with her in online matches and they do a decent job of showing how she differs from the older Raven. I'll be pooling videos together of Master Raven from these following YouTube channels.

Karena (Net Arena) ≫

Shudy (Namco Sugamo) ≫

Kuro Kuro ≫

Tekken Cube ≫


▌Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Ver. D Balance Testing
 ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄


▌Master Raven Gameplay
 ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄

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