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Tekken 7 - Lee Chaolan Character Breakdown from Help Me

For those who don't know, Help Me is a seasoned Tekken veteran from Korea and if you ask any other Lee player out there, they would tell you he is the world's best Lee player. He's often playing a large portion of the cast at a high level too so he definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to breaking down what a character can do in comparison to all the other characters. In a recent stream from the leejjjan Twitch channel, Malgu and Help Me sat down with the chatroom to breakdown his main character in Tekken 7. Since the stream was in Korean, the TZ discord user rice_eel has come forward to transcribe the details and translate most of the information in the session into English for us to absorb. It's an in depth review of the character's moveset so this makes a good resource for people looking into the character. Big thanks goes to rice_eel for the translating, I've added both the source video and his translation below.

Malgu & Soyongdory's YouTube ≫


▌Tekken 7 - Help Me's Educational Lee Stream
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▌Video Translation
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translation thing for Helpme's Lee character guides and tips

probably not the best grammar but here it is?
The first 26 min of the video is just them switching out Malgu's lever to a newer one (helpme lever 헬프미 레버), and testing it out.
the character guide starts at 26:55.
Helpme: What do I need to teach you guys?
Malgu: Just the basic things on how to use the character
Helpme: Lee is a character that fights together with his minus frames.
Malgu: Yes, teach us about that, *goes on tangent about how his tutorial starts with           
        no structured plan*
Helpme: Unlike other characters, lots of Lee's moves are minus on hit because of that          
        you have to use that as a tool.
        But there aren't any moves that are -10 on hit, or -7, not anything too minus              
        that you can't move.
        You are always put in a situation you can move, but from there you have to
        know what you should be doing in these situation.
*character select screen*
    *answering a question from chat*
        Why is Lee trash? Because the character is hard, and you have to play the          
        character differently from other characters, I mean which character fights  using
        minus frames?
Malgu: Is Lee a gimmicky/cheap character?
Helpme: To be honest it's better not to play Lee.

        You kind of have to play the game backwards. For example, I hit this guy now
        I'm at an advantage, I should press more buttons! Instead you have to, wow I           
        hit this guy now I'm at an disadvatage, what do I need to do? You have to          
        think differently.

        If you do 1,2,4 on hit you are at -1,  but if the opponent knows that and              
        tries to retaliate you should be able to dodge his normals. If you think the    
        opponent isn't going to retaliate immediately, you should throw out your counter
        hit normal. You have to play him a bit dangerously, just gotta do things. Like
        with Silver low (d+3), on hit it's -3 so you can't really press any buttons on
        hit, but you can instead sidestep and hit their buttons.So like this you have take    
        the minus frames and create a situation where you are at an advantage. The minus
        frames he has on hit is low, -1 -2 -3, with that you start your mix-ups.
        Even though I hit him, I have to dodge him. Even though I hit him, I have      
        recognize his delayed buttons and get a counter hit. You have to think ahead    
        with him. Unlike other characters, because they hit this, I can press this,        
        because this is plus on block, I can do this. For Lee, as soon as you get a hit you
        have to quickly make a decision on how to punish your opponents retaliation.
        But of course there are people who don't do anything and stay blocking. Then you    
        should just abuse his quick lows over and over until you get a reaction. You should
        play this character very offensively, you have to make reads and have to always be
        confident in your reads.
Malgu: Off axis combos?
Helpme: Off axis combos are all the same, if you just micro dash they should all work the
        same. But SSL you can do b+1 instead of b+2.
    *answering a question from chat*

    The reason why you use 4 is because, in my opinion, it's cheap.
    After getting your d/f+1 blocked, if the opponent does jabs you of course lose  the
    exchange because you're minus. But if your opponent decides to do any thing slower
    he'll get counter hit. If your opponent decides to side step, he'll most certainly be
    able to step to his right to dodge your 4,4. But if you do 4,4,4, I do it when I
    see that they are stepping my 4,4, and will catch   the side step. If they try to press
    a button to punish the 4,4 , the third 4 will always counter hit and can do your CH4    
    combos. But if they get counter hit with out side stepping with 4,4,4 , you can't get a    
    Lee's 4 is really important, and you have to recognize how many 4s to use in a  
    situation. Example, there is lot of situations in this game where your  opponent will
    sidestep hop kick after a blocked d/f+1, in that situation I purposely try to whiff
    my d+4 of my d+4 n 4,4, and catch their hopkicks.
    When Lee's slide is blocked, because of his short height it's harder to punish him
    when blocked directly from the front.
    *talks about how to do hop kick from crouch*
    *talks about b+1 MS > WS 2,4 now works properly thanks to the new patch, apparently if  
    you did the WS 2,4 too fast you'll only get the back sway 4*
    When doing your f+2,1 after S! if you delay your 1 , you'll get a running tackle
    instead of the ultimate tackle
    *goes over general combos, he prefers doing  2 b+2's in a combo, doesn't really like
    doing b+2 after S!.*
    After a parry you should do d/f+1 to microdash 4 n u+3. You have to dash after  the
    around 46 min mark
    I don't use iWR 3,4 to make them block it or to gain plus frames.
    I use it so that I can try to hit them with it. It just happens so that people     
    tend to block it a lot.
    What's the point of wanting them to block it? It's just +1, you don't even get  a combo
    after trading your opponent's jab with 4, but for some reason you do    get a combo on
*Malgu gets on stick to help out*
    If you have rage, you can combo after the 4 trade using your rage drive
Malgu: Someone asked, how do I get b+2 loops to be consistent?
Helpme: There is no secret, you just have to practice.
        I showed this to Nobi, he seemed to have found it interesting, if you press  f+3
        then immediately after 3+4 then you'll get f3+4 instead of f+3. You can also do the
        same while doing iWR 3,4 , if you accidently mess up the iWR, instead of getting    
        f+3, you'll get f 3+4 instead
54 min mark
Malgu: Another question for you, what are Lee's midrange keep out tool and his play            
Helpme: Lee only really has b+4 and his d/f+4 really for keep out. For his d/f+4 you    
        should know if it's going to whiff or going to be blocked. If it is whiffed you
        should go into hms.
Malgu: why?
Helpme: Because he backs off, and can't be whiff punished. After backing off, if the    
        opponent tries whiff punish you, you can hit them with hms 2.
        Lee's d/f+4 is one of his important moves. His b+4 doesn't really back off  much,  
        he moves forward instead of returning to neutral like d/f+4. You have to get a
        feel for if you think it's going to whiff or going to be hit/blocked. You really
        can do that with lot of his moves, if you think you made a mistake  and whiffed it
        just go into the stance.
Malgu: what should you do with people who don't approach you?
Helpme: You gotta d+3 over and over it does good damage by it self. Can't really dodge  it,
        and because when blocked you can launch punish Lee, people will tend to     crouch
        for it. If they do crouch you can hit them with your iWR. There is  really no point
        of doing your b+4 over and over, if your opponent knows the     match up he will
        never approach you so you have to constantly pester them    with d+3 and your lows.
        Can't really do much as Lee other than that, and can    be known as one of his
        weaknesses. Have to annoy them
58 min mark
        when you hold back during your hms Lee get's out of his stance. During the
        transition if you punch parry, that comes out fast. Look if you try to punch    
        parry during hms it comes out pretty slow right? But if I cancel hms and then      
        punch parry it comes out faster, it comes out in 15 frames. This is a bug
Malgu: That's really cool, I'm seeing the character in new light! Lee masters are  
        different from others
Helpme: It doesn't matter, no one really knows this stuff in the world
59 min
        block this jab, *does b+4* you can dodge it right? You can't dodge his d+3, but
        you can dodge his b+4, and it's his safe on block move. But if you go   into hms,
        it now tracks, this is also a bug.
        Because Lee has to face his opponent when he goes into a stance, it becomes a  
        tracking move. Because of this when I'm close to my opponent I go into hms  after
        b+4. Lee has to face his opponent in the stance.
Malgu: Other characters look else where though.
Helpme: He doesn't look any where, if he can't follow your opponent he stops.
Malgu: This character is pretty elegant.
Helpme: Try moving around him, he breaks his stance if you go in an location he can't  
        look at you.
Malgu: He is pretty elegant.
1 hour 28 sec
Helpme: Because of this you really don't to use is homing moves. If you want to use        
        homing move just use b+4 into hms.
Malgu: So can use moves like d/f+4 to do that?
Helpme: d/f+4 doesn't work consistently. It does work kind of, but it can get stepped to
        their right. The reason why I go into hms in close range is to catch their side step
1 hour 1 min 53 sec
        one thing new about Lee in this game is that his d/f+2 catches SSL. It's really
Malgu: It catche SSL too perfectly.
Helpme: It became Shaheen's d/f+2, it got really good with no glaring weakness.
1 hour 3 min
        you can cancel his hms to WS moves almost instantly by doing hms 1 and  cancelling
        that with MS
1 hour 4 min
        When do you use 1+2? you use it to mix up between your backsway 4 and it.
        If they don't do anything even if you approach like that, just do it. Other        
        then that I really don't use 1+2
Malgu: teach me how to do his triple fang consistantly
Helpme: just press 1,2,1,2
1 hour 6 min 42 sec
        If you think Paul is really hard to deal with, it's probably because you use b+4
        too much. Just don't use it, and it's easier to fight him with out really using
        it. Because you want to use b+4 you get killed for it. If you think your    
        opponent's character has longer range than you, refrain from using it too much.
        There is no point of practicing mist trap. I don't bother to make it 100% success  
1 hour 13 min 8 sec
        The thing I told you to use for 1+2, by wall you should use d/f 1+2, 4 instead
        You can hit confirm it like Bryan's backsway 2, 4.
Going over various tid bits
        Lee can crouch under Dragonov's spring kick
        whenever Dragonov does his d+2 and it hits, you can just mash out Lee's WS     
    3,3. I did this to Nobi a lot, and he seemed to have given up using it when we
    were playing
    on side wall splat you can always get 4 n u+3 into d/f+4, did this in a tournament


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