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Tekken 7 - LowHigh VS Karei Arcade Deathmatches

Thanks goes to Shudy for the video uploads. This series of deathmatches played at Namco Sugamo feature relatively newer young blood players in both LowHigh from Korea and Karei from western Japan. You may remember seeing these two players from their Top 8 performances from the King of Iron Fight Global Finals last year so this match-up is one to watch. LowHigh uses both Shaheen and Bryan here up against Karei's Kazumi and the deathmatches span roughly 2 hours all together so plenty to enjoy.

Shudy's YouTube channel ≫

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Tekken 7 - Nobi & Shou's Tier Lists + Karei VS Kagemaru Match Videos

Just to blaze through introductions real quick - Nobi is Japan's proclaimed #01 Tekken player currently (generally considered) while Shou is a reputable Devil Jin player who had his major hey day back in Tekken 5 when he won SBO 2006. Karei while not as well known, he was a Tekken Emperor ranked Lars / Jinpachi player in TTT2 and was on AO's team that lost to Pekosu at Mastercup.5. He's also currently the highest ranked Kazumi player in Japan. Next up, Kagemaru is another high ranking player in TTT2 with his Bruce / Jack-6 team and got to rep Japan alongside Nobi in Global Championships 2013. This was his crowning moment in his Tekken career. Think that covers the gist of it all so here are the Tier lists and match videos. The Karei vs Kagemaru also ends up extending to Karei's sessions playing Tekken 7 online matches with Kazumi so there's that too. Footage is courtesy of the Enjoy Paradise arcade in Osaka Japan.

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