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Tekken 7 Fated Retribution - Character Punishment Rankings

[UPDATE] - This post has now been updated with various corrections here and there that have been pointed out in the original list. They will all be listed in GREEN and BOLD from below. Thanks again everyone that sent me corrections. I'm planning on hopefully doing another Punishment Ranking chart for the console version of Tekken 7 with 100% correct info when that eventually arrives.


Contained within is character punishment rankings that lists most of the roster in T7FR's respective punishers to use during standing and while standing punish situations. It is also ordered together by the amount of damage they do seeing which character can make punish really hurt when they see a mistake made by the opponent. This data comes courtesy of D-San over on the Japanese Zexi site who listed most of the data together. You can click the links here to view the source but I've transcribed everything into English below. As of writing this now, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is out and currently on Version H.

T7FR Standing Punishers ≫

T7FR While Standing Punishers ≫

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T7FR - Yoshimitsu Punishment and Fubuki Knee Combo Videos

A Japanese Tekken player named Eston on twitter has recently put out videos on Yoshimitsu showing the best punishers to use with the character as well as look at the combos you do off the Fubuki Knee (ff+4) now that it doesn't combo into BT 2. Damage values are shown in the clips giving you a good indication of which option you should be going for now in T7FR and I transcribed it below into English. And uh... Don't mind the music in the clip.

Eston (エストン) ≫

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TTT2 - FULL Character Punishment Primer by Holy Knight

Jin HolyKnight posted an incredibly well done guide outlining how to punish anyone from the cast of TTT2. By default HolyKnight is using Mishima's to punish the characters but you can do your own research to see what compatible moves your character can do in the similar circumstances. This must have taken an insane amount of work to put together so major props to him.

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TTT2 - Character Rankings and Data from TekkenBBS

Just got around to translating some data that I've picked up on the TekkenBBS site that I felt were good to share. Contains character, punishers, juggle damage rankings and some more data which are used to help out in creating tier lists. I've also added advice from Nobi on stepping characters into this piece so be sure to check it all out below. Feel free to correct any mistranslations or errors in the comments.

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TTT2: Anti Character Punishment Videos for Jin Kazama

Borawn has done a great job on the extensive and straightforward video series he created dedicated to punishing certain characters movesets with Jin Kazama. While these videos are mainly for Jin players, the information can easily be used for any other character by replacing the moves he punishes with Jin's to any other character's respective punishers. These videos can be found on his Youtube channel and below through embeds.

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