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PS4/PC Tekken 7 World Character Usage & Rank Distribution Charts

Tekken 7 has been out for a few months now and the data is rolling in. Bloodywala on reddit has created charts using the data on the Tekken 7 leaderboards page to count every single player on there for the characters being used as well as the ranks earned. This data helps paint a picture of the characters and ranks a majority of the online Tekken player base have ended up with. All the data seen below account for players registered on the online leaderboards as of after August 30 so any of the players that have dropped off prior to the date aren't factored in.

PS4/PC - Character Usage ≫

PS4/PC - Rank Distribution ≫

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Tekken 7 Fated Retribution - Character Punishment Rankings

[UPDATE] - This post has now been updated with various corrections here and there that have been pointed out in the original list. They will all be listed in GREEN and BOLD from below. Thanks again everyone that sent me corrections. I'm planning on hopefully doing another Punishment Ranking chart for the console version of Tekken 7 with 100% correct info when that eventually arrives.


Contained within is character punishment rankings that lists most of the roster in T7FR's respective punishers to use during standing and while standing punish situations. It is also ordered together by the amount of damage they do seeing which character can make punish really hurt when they see a mistake made by the opponent. This data comes courtesy of D-San over on the Japanese Zexi site who listed most of the data together. You can click the links here to view the source but I've transcribed everything into English below. As of writing this now, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is out and currently on Version H.

T7FR Standing Punishers ≫

T7FR While Standing Punishers ≫

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Akuma Currently Has the Largest Pool of Higher Ranked Players in Japan

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution has now been out for roughly 2 months and the data on how well certain players and their characters are piling in on Tekken-net to review. The most interesting piece of info I'm taking away from is the amount of high ranked Japanese players for each character. This I feel gives a good idea on not only who is succeeding well in Tekken, but which character as well. If you're not aware, Tekken 7 uses a ranking system that goes from Beginners into the Dans and from there it goes into a series of ranks organised by their color scheme. It's not a 1:1 representation but I would say, a player that got to the red ranks (Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu & Suzaku) in Tekken 7 is roughly the equivalent of a Street Fighter player getting something like Platinum rank in SFV. With all that said, here is all the data I compiled from Tekken-net.

Dan Ranks (Tekken 7.0) ≫

Tekken-net JP (Tekken 7.0) ≫

Tekken-net JP (Tekken 7 Fated Retribution) ≫

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